Freedom and Justice Party sweeps second round run-off elections

Basem Osama , Saturday 24 Dec 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party wins 38 of the 59 independent candidate seats contested in the second round run-off, with Salafists taking 13

Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Mohammed Morsi shakes hands with a solider during parliamentary elections in Egypt (Photo: AP)

The Supreme Elections Commission has announced the results of the second round parliamentary elections run-off held in nine governorates last Wednesday and Thursday.

Overall, 118 independent candidates competing for 59 individual seats were competing in the run-offs in Giza, Beni Suef, Sohag, Aswan, Menoufiya, Sharqiya, Beheira, Suez and Ismailiya.

The Commission stated that the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, took the highest number of professional and worker seats, with 38 out of 49 of its candidates achieving victory. The Salafist Nour Party gained 13 seats and independents won five.

In Beni Suef, the FJP won four out of six seats, leaving the remaining two for Nour candidates Negm Al-Din Islam and Abd Al-Hakim Masoud. The four FJP seat winners are Gaber Mansour, Mohamed Shaker Al-Deeb, Nehad Al-Kasem Said Amin and Abd Al-Kader Abd Al-Wahab.

In Sohag, the FJP won four out of 10 seats, with Mostafa Kamel Gaalos, Mohamed Abd Al-Rahman, Mohamed Mosaad and Heshmet Bekhet their winners there. Waled Abd Al-Awel, Mohamed Adlan, Lahzi Ahmed Nagdi and Gaber Gahlan won four seats for Nour Party, with two independent seats going to Faisal Al-Shibani and Yosef Abu Hamodi.

In Menoufiya, the FJP won six out of seven seats, with one seat going to Nour candidate Anwar Al-Balkeni. The FJP winners are Helmy Bakr, Saad Hussein, Said Al-Azab, Nasr Tahon, Mohamed Al-Maged and Ibrahim Haggag.

In Sharqiya, the FJP won all 10 contested seats. The 10 FJP winners are: El-Said Negeda, Saleh Ali, Amir Bassam, Mohamed Abd El-Raouf, Mohamed Fayad, Ibrahim Selim, Mohamed Awad Shawesh, Safwat Sweilam, Ahmed Shoeil and El-Said El-Atwel.  

In Beheira, the FJP won seven out of 10 seats, with three seats going to Nour candidates Mohamed Abdullah Heiba, Abdullah Mohamed Saad and Hamed Abdullah Al-Tahan. The seven FJP winners are Osama Mohamed Soliman, Tarek Ragab Saleh, Yasser Al-Rafee, Ahmed Zoher, Masry Abu Kashek, Saad Abu Taleb and Ahmed Yousef Khater.

In Ismailiya, Islamists shared the two contested seats, as FJP candidate Hesham Al-Soli and Nour candidate Mohamed Al-Hawari took one each.

In Suez, FJP candidate Abbas Abd Al-Aziz won one out of three available seats, the other two going to Nour-supported candidates Mohamed Adel and Hani Nour Al-Din.

In Giza, the FJP won eight out of nine seats, leaving one seat for independent Amr El-Shobaky. The eight winners are Mohamed Hussein, Khattab Murad, Gamal Ashry, Hassan Bereek, Ayman Rafaat, Mohamed Alsaey, Abdul Salam Bashandi and Mohamed Amer.

The FJP gained no seats in Aswan, with Nour candidate Farag Gadallah and independent Mohamed Al-Omda winning the two contested seats.

Notably, voting results in Sharqiya's second and fifth electoral districts may be overturned after the governorate's Administrative Court ruled that last week's second-round polling in the two districts had been marred by electoral law violations.  

The head of the Supreme Elections Committee, Abdel Moez Ibrahim, will announce the final results for the whole second round Saturday evening.

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