Results of Egyptian voting bloc in Saudi Arabia to be announced by 24 May: Sources

Ahram Online, Saturday 12 May 2012

The results of voting blocs of Egyptian expats abroad will be available 24 May, say diplomatic sources

File photo: A protest in front of Egypt’s embassy in London on November 21, 2011. Egyptian expatriates voted for the first time in the country’s post-revolutionary elections. (Photo: Reuters)

The results of Egyptians in Saudi Arabia voting in Egypt's presidential elections will be released by 24 May, a diplomatic source told Ahram Arabic language news.

The results will be announced during a press conference, as will be the case in all countries hosting of Egyptian expats that vote. Voting for expats started 11 April and will end 17 April at 8pm.

Almost 50 per cent of expat Egyptians registered to vote in Egypt's presidential elections are living in Saudi Arabia.

Nearly 587,000 Egyptians around the world have registered to vote in Egypt's first post-Mubarak presidential elections. Registered voters will be choosing between 13 approved candidates in more than 166 Egyptian consulates abroad.

There are between 6.7 million and 10 million Egyptians living and working abroad, according to the latest estimates.

Egypt’s presidential poll is slated for 23-24 May, with a runoff vote to be held 16-17 June in the event that no single candidate wins an outright majority.

The president will be formally named 21 June.


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