Calm reigns over Tahrir hours before new president is announced

MENA, Sunday 24 Jun 2012

Hours before electoral commission announces Egypt's next head of state, Tahrir Square remains quiet after days of anti-SCAF demonstrations

A few hours before the results of the presidential elections runoff are due to be announced by the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC) Sunday, tranquility descended on Tahrir Square where thousands have been staging a sit-in since Friday.

The Tahrir Square sit-in was mainly called for by Islamist groups and some revolutionary movements, protesting the addendum to the March 2011 Constitutional Declaration issued last week by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

Many feel that the addendum entrenches the power of the ruling military council, undermining Egypt's democratic transition.

But while calm prevailed in Tahrir, the Ministry of Interior has taken strict security measures to ensure order in the streets after the results are announced, increasing the security presence and the number of security patrols throughout the day.

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