liberal former MP Hamzawy salutes Egypt martyrs, congratulates Morsi

Sarah Mourad, Sunday 24 Jun 2012

Amr Hamzawy highlighted the roles the martyrs played in securing the first free, democratic presidential elections, congratulates Morsi, and calls on the president-elect to respect all Egyptians

Liberal ex-MP Amr Hamzawy paid tribute to the martyrs of last year's uprising against ousted president Mubarak, saying the election of Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi would not have been possible without their sacrifices.

"I thank and salute the martyrs of the revolution and all those who were injured; if not for them those elections would have never occurred for the first time in our history," Hamzawy said on his Twitter account.

Hamzawy also thanked the Egyptian judiciary, which oversaw the elections and the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission which announced the results with 'integrity and transparency.'

He then congratulated newly elected president Morsi, saying, "I tell him he has great tasks to perform, which is to reassure 48 per cent of the citizens who haven't voted for him. He has to be a president for all Egypt."

He added that Morsi should recompose the constituent assembly and work on a constitution not dominated by a certain political current.

"I will be in the democratic opposition ensuring that Morsi helps to hand power over to civilians, and defend democracy and civil law." Hamzawy who did not support either Mohamed Morsi of Mubarak's last preier Ahmed Shafiq, said.


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