Lawyer Khaled Ali gains party endorsement for president of Egypt: Sources

Nada El-Kouny , Wednesday 28 Mar 2012

Sources close to the Egyptian Social Democratic Party say the leadership will support the labour lawyer for president; Ali spends day in court challenging constituent assembly

khaled Ali
Khaled Ali outside State Council Tuesday (Photo: Mai Shaheen)

Ahram Online received confirmations from a leading member in the Social Democratic Party (ESDP) that the liberal party has agreed in a majority vote  to back left-wing labour lawyer and human rights activist Khaled Ali as a candidate for the Egyptian presidency.

A member of the party’s higher committee stated that an agreement has been reached on Monday to back  the 41 year-old, making him the youngest candidate so far to run for president.

An official statement is expected to be released by the ESDP and by Ali’s campaign in the coming week. 

Khaled Ali was expected to face difficulties in garnering the 30,000 personal recommendations from 15 different governorates required of an independent candidate. However, gaining the registered ESDP’s endorsement, an alternative route to becoming an official candidate, will relieve him of an uphill battle before the deadline set for 8 April, 2012.

Meanwhile, the presidential hopeful went on Tuesday to the Egypt’s State Court, dressed in the official lawyers' black cloak, to join several lawyers who filed a lawsuit against Egypt's parliament on Monday.

The lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of the 17 March parliamentary decision to form a 100-member constituent assembly tasked with drafting a new constitution, and calls for its nullification.

After hundreds of protesters of the assembly interrupted court proceedings to chant against the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, which orchestrated the process of selecting members of the assembly, the judge postponed the hearings to 10 April.  

Mohamed Shehata, head of the Arab Center for Transparency and Integrity, and Sameh Ashour, a former head of the lawyers' syndicate had joined Khaled Ali and others in filing the lawsuit.

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