Brotherhood Supreme Guide applauds candidate's withdrawal in favour of El-Shater

Ahram Online , Tuesday 3 Apr 2012

Mohamed Badie has welcomed Abdullah El-Ashaal's decision to withdraw from the presidential race in favour of Khairat El-Shater

Mohamed Badie, the Muslim Brotherhood's Supreme Guide, expressed his support for the decision made by presidential hopeful Abdullah El-Ashaal to withdraw from the presidential race in favour of the Freedom and Justice Party's official candidate endorsement, Khairat El-Shater.

El-Ashaal, an Islamic thinker and former diplomat, announced his intention to withdraw from the race on Tuesday at a conference at the Brotherhood headquarters in the Mokattam district of Cairo.   

He had previously announced his intention to run for the presidential race in April 2011, yet his campaign since that announcement was largely invisible.

The Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party announced its official endorsement of El-Shater, formerly the deputy supreme guide of the Brotherhood, on Saturday evening, making him the latest presidential hopeful.

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