Essam Sultan slams Omar Suleiman, drafts law against Mubarak regime remnants

Sarah Mourad , Sunday 8 Apr 2012

MP Essam Sultan of centrist Islamist Al-Wasat Party sharply criticises presidential candidate Omar Suleiman, announcing that he will submit a draft law to ban remnants of former regime from state positions for five years

Essam Sultan
MP for Al-Wasat Party, Essam Sultan (Photo: Reuters)

MP Essam Sultan of Al-Wasat Party strongly criticised Hosni Mubarak's long-time intelligence chief and presidential candidate Omar Suleiman in today's People Assembly session. Sultan said that his party will submit a draft to the assembly (the lower house of the Egyptian parliament) aimed at banning remnants of the former regime from holding state positions for five years.

"I put this in the hands of the People's Assembly, and its head," Sultan said.

Sultan explained that the People's Assembly is able to activate the "Disenfranchisement Law" — that isolated remnants of the overthrown regime from political life after the 1952 Revolution — "today, or maximum tomorrow." 

Sultan said that the January 25 Revolution must be saved from the remnants of the Mubarak regime.

Sultan accused Suleiman of being a "corrupt figure of the past regime, who killed Egyptians and made them suffer." He added that Suleiman is also a counselor to one Gulf country.

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