Egypt presidential candidate Moussa faces protesters at Assiut University

Ahram Online, Monday 30 Apr 2012

Upper Egypt's Assiut University student activists chant against Amr Moussa at a rally accusing him of being a remnant of the Mubarak regime; Moussa angrily chants back

Student activists in Assiut University chant against Amr Moussa before he begins his rally (Photo: Ahram)

A group of student activists Assiut University erupted in chants against presidential candidate Amr Moussa just before a campaign rally on Monday in a hall on the university's premises.

Following the playing of the national anthem and when Moussa was about to start his speech, the students broke into chants of "Moussa, Moussa you agent, no way you'll be president!" and "Down, down with the rule of Mubarak regime remnants!"

Disturbed by the chants, Moussa himself reportedly chanted back at them saying "Down, down with the rule of chaos."

The group received Moussa with signs bearing slogans rejecting his candidacy. After clashing briefly with members of Moussa's campaign, they were ejected from the hall. 

Moussa has been facing mounting criticism recently over his close association with ousted president Hosni Mubarak, under whom he served as foreign minister from 1991 to 2001.

Moussa's detractors demand he be subject to Egypt's recently-enacted Disenfranchisement Law, ratified by parliament and approved by Egypt's ruling military council earlier this month. The new legislation bans former Mubarak-regime officials from participating in Egyptian political life for a five-year period.

Moussa's current trip to Upper Egypt is the third of its kind since he first announced his intention to contest the presidency only days after Mubarak's ouster early last year.

Moussa was the first presidential candidate to complete the candidacy-application process after collecting over 30,000 citizens' signatures from across 15 governorates in support of his bid as mandated by Egypt's Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission.

Egypt's first post-Mubarak presidential polls are slated for 23 and 24 May, with a runoff vote on 16 and 17 June, if necessary. The new president will be named on 21 June.

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