Senator Kerry to meet Brotherhood's Morsi

Ahram Online, Tuesday 1 May 2012

US delegation headed by Senator John Kerry in Cairo to meet officials and VIPs to discuss democratisation and upcoming presidential elections

Mohammed Morsi
Mohammed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood's presidential candidate (Photo: AP)

Mohamed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate and head of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), will meet Senator John Kerry, head Congress's foreign relations committee, and Ann Patterson, US Ambassador to Cairo, at the FJP headquarters on Wednesday as a part of his visit to Cairo.

The meeting was stated on the FJP's official website.

Khaled Kazzaz, an FJP member of Egypt's foreign relations committee, said, "The visit comes in the context of the US government's concern over Egypt's democratic transition, witnessing the evolution of the political scene in the transitional phase, becoming familiar with the FJP's presidential candidate and reviewing the renaissance project."

Sources at Cairo International Airport announced that Kerry was arriving from the Gulf on Tuesday evening at 7pm.

His will stay two days in Cairo before continuing a regional tour.

Sources stated that the airport received a signal from the US embassy that Kerry was arriving as head of the delegation.

The US delegation will meet a number of officials and VIPs in order to discuss the latest developments in the democratisation process and in light of upcoming presidential elections.

Kerry will also discuss US aid to Egypt.

The senator will additionally discuss regional developments, especially in Syria, Sudan and the Israel/Palestine.

Kerry's last visit to Cairo was on 10 December.

Kerry has made several visits to Cairo since the January 25 revolution.

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