Military source denies plans to postpone Egypt's presidential elections after latest flare of violence

Ahram Online, Wednesday 2 May 2012

Presidential elections will go on, as scheduled, says a military source, despite clashes in Cairo leaving at least 9 dead

A military source has denied that there are any plans to postpone the presidential elections slated for 23/24 May after the recent escalation of violence.

"These reports are completely false and the military council has no plans to postpone the presidential elections. Field Marshall Tantawi... has stressed that he will transfer power at the end of this June," the source said.

On Wednesday morning, at least five people died and dozens were injured when plain-clothed men, thought to be local residents, attacked protesters camping outside the Defence Ministry in Abbassiya, Cairo, early Wednesday morning. The violence led many to believe that the presidential elections may be postponed as a result.

The Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), headed by Tantawi, has been ruling the country since Mubarak was ousted from power on 11 February. SCAF is expected to hand over power on 30 June, following presidential elections.

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