Abul-Fotouh tops Egyptian expats votes in Washington, Moussa second

Ahram Online, Friday 18 May 2012

Egyptian expatriates in Washington cast their ballots with highest number of votes going to Abul-Fotouh

Egypt's ambassador in The US  Sameh Shoukry declared the presidential elections results for Washington on Friday.

Number of votes for each candidate:

Abdel-Moneim Abdel Abul-Fotouh: 882

Amr Mousa: 664

Hamdeen Sabahi: 661

Ahmed Shafiq: 454

Morsi: 300

Khaled Ali: 49

Mohamed selim El-Awa: 49

Hisham El-Bastawisi: 4

Abul Ezz El-Hariri: 2

Hossam Khairallah: 2

Abdallah El-Ashaal: 1

Null votes: 35

Total votes: 3068

Total registered voters in Washington: 6276

Total number of registered in the US: 27 thousand

Election results in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston still to be declared.


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