Dead citizens will not vote in Egypt presidential elections: Electoral Commission

Ahram Online, Saturday 19 May 2012

Egypt's Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission will make sure no one votes next Wednesday on behalf of those on the list of eligible voters who are suspected to be dead, confirms Judge Hatem Bagato

Secretary-General of the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC) Hatem Bagato said in a press conference on Saturday news circulated on social media networks recently that several of those listed on the official voters' lists are suspected to be dead.

The SPEC did not receive conclusive information to confirm their deaths, Begato added, as some of the death certificates have not been issued.

Bagato explained that some of the suspected names also matched others of living people and thus, as a precaution, could not be removed. However, the SPEC will not allow anyone to vote using any of the controversial registries.

As for the names of police and military personnel which surfaced in voters' lists, against the law which forbids men in uniform from voting, Bagato explained that their voter registration cards have been issued prior to their enrollment in the police or military academy, and thus their names were automatically added to the list of eligible voters.

The SPEC will however take sufficient care so as to make sure these names will not be voting in the upcoming presidential elections, confirmed Bagato.   

Egypt's first post-Mubarak presidential polls will take place on 23/24 May, and a runoff, if needed, will be held on 16/17 June.

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