Sabbahi, Abul-Fotouh campaigns deny claims they will back Morsi

Sarah Mourad , Friday 25 May 2012

Egyptian film producer and Sabbahi campaigner, as well as Abul Fotouh's twitter account, deny a statement on Brotherhood's website that claims they would back Morsi in a run-off with Shafiq

Morsi, Sabbahi and Abul Fotouh (AP)
Morsi, Sabbahi and Abul Fotouh

The campaigns of both Hamdeen Sabbahi and Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh denied claims published on the Muslims Brotherhood's official website that they would be backing Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi if he faces Ahmed Shafiq in runoffs next month.

Mohamed El-Adl, a film producer and member of Sabbahi's campaign, explained to Ahram Online that they have not made such a statement, explaining that it does not make any sense because neither Giza nor Cairo governorates which accounts for about three million votes, have been announced yest. "Sabbahi is still in the race competing to run-off," he said.

El-Adl added that earlier today, Egyptian director Khaled Youssef denied that it was him who wrote on his account on Twitter that he will also support Morsi in the runoffs, as claimed on IkhwanOnline.

Meanwhile, Abul-Fotouh also responded to the claims. According to Abul-Fotouh's official account on Twitter, "Votes are still being counted, and we have not released any kind of statement or quote." 

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