Former PM Sharaf calls on revolution supporters to stop old regime, vote Morsi in runoff

Ahram Online , Saturday 26 May 2012

Essam Sharaf, once considered the prime minister of the revolution, calls on Egyptians not to boycott the second round of presidential elections, so as not to leave the presidency open to the old regime

Egypt's ex-prime minister, Essam Sharaf (Photo: Reuters)

Former Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has called on the Egyptian people to vote against the remnants of the Mubarak regime in the run off of presidential elections due in three weeks time.

On his official Facebook page, Sharaf asked Egyptians not to boycott the second round of presidential elections and to keep their political differences aside. "We are in the middle of a major battle to fulfill the revolution," he said. "The question now is not whether a political trend would win or lose. The choice is whether this revolution would continue or not."

Sharaf was considered in March 2011 to be the prime minister of the revolution, replacing Ahmed Shafiq after mass protests following the ouster of Hosni Mubarak. However, in November of the same year, Sharaf left his position amid protests against his government and military rule.

Sharaf's statement on Facebook on Saturday is considered a call to support Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi who will be running against Shafiq 16-17 June.

"We have to unite and understand the situation we are in and how dangerous it is," says Sharaf on Facebook. "The past months have witnessed many choices and positions that split the unity of the revolutionary forces. Some of these difference were for real reasons while most of them were exaggerated to create the situation we are currently in."

Sharaf added that boycotting the elections or voiding ballots would only serve those plotting against the revolution.

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