Eliminated candiates Sabbahi, Aboul-Fotouh and Ali complain of electoral violations

Ahram Online, Monday 4 Jun 2012

At a press conference on Monday morning, the campaigns of three presidential candidates complain of violations during the first round of Egypt's presidential elections

The presidential campaigns of eliminated candidates Hamdeen Sabbahi, Abdel Moneim Abul-Fotouh and Khaled Ali held a press conference on Monday morning to discuss some of the violations that took place during the first round of the presidential elections last month.

The campaigns depended on the complaints by the representatives of the three candidates. Electoral violations that they reported include one and a half million invalid votes, the forging of voting ballots and allowing voters to vote more than once.

Other violations recorded by the campaigns including not allowing the campaign representatives to witness the vote counting process. They also claim that hundreds of conscripts and deceased citizens voted for Mubarak era minister Ahmed Shafiq in the governorates of Daqahlia, Fayoum, Gharbiya and Menoufiya. They also say that many voting ballots in favour of Sabbahi were purposefully moved from polling stations in the governorates of Qena, Giza, Cairo, Menoufiya and  Minya.

Malek Adly, one of the coordinators of Ali's campaign said that Abul-Fotouh's campaign filed an appeal to the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC) that was completely disregarded.

The three candidates competed with 13 others during the first round of the elections which took place on 23-24 May. The three, however, did not make it to the second and final round which is slated for 16-17 June, though Sabbahi made it to third place. Ahmed Shafiq is expected to compete with the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi.

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