Brotherhood's Morsi admits to 'mistakes' at Alex rally

Ahram Online , Sunday 10 Jun 2012

At Saturday campaign rally in Alexandria, presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi says recent 'mistakes' by the Brotherhood could not be compared to crimes committed by former regime

Mohamed Morsi
File photo: Presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi (Photo: Reuters)

Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi surprised listeners on Saturday evening when he called for evening prayers to be performed in the middle of a campaign rally in Alexandria.

Well-known ultra-conservative sheikh Ahmed El-Mahallawy of Alexandria’s Qaid Ibrahim Mosque led the prayers.

El-Mahallawy, Alexandria’s “revolutionary preacher” during last year’s 18-day uprising against the Mubarak regime, is an avid supporter of Morsi’s presidential bid, urging his followers to support the Brotherhood candidate against the latter’s presidential rival, Mubarak-era PM Ahmed Shafiq. El-Mahallawy has also declared that voting in Egypt’s first post-Mubarak presidential poll constitutes an Islamic "obligation."

At the Alexandria rally, Morsi admitted that the Brotherhood had made mistakes in recent months. But he added that those mistakes could not be compared to those committed by members of the former regime, who, he stressed, must be prosecuted for their actions.  

The Brotherhood has been accused by its political rivals of attempting to monopolise Egypt’s post-revolution political stage by dominating parliament and reneging on promises not to field a presidential candidate. The Brotherhood has also been criticised by revolutionaries for not taking part in last year’s Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes.   

Morsi went on to state that he had near-certain “evidence” of coordination between former regime figures and certain business tycoons aimed at fixing this week’s presidential runoff vote in Shafiq’s favour.  

The Brotherhood candidate also claimed that the wife of businessman and former Mubarak regime stalwart Ahmed Ezz, who is currently facing trial on money laundering charges, had been distributing large amounts of money in exchange for votes cast for Shafiq.

"We won’t allow the games that were played under the former regime to be played again,” said Morsi. “Those who made the revolution will not allow that regime to return.”  

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