Relive the intense vote-by-vote count in Egypt's 1st post-Mubarak presidential race

Ahram Online , Monday 18 Jun 2012

Ahram Online followed vote count blow by blow in all 27 governorates on Sunday evening, tallied up and mapped results regionally, until Morsi supporters poured into streets to celebrate a near-definite victory over Shafiq

Tahrir square
Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood's presidential candidate Mohamed Morsy hold up his posters as they celebrate at Tahrir Square in Cairo (Reuters)


15:20 Results from Cairo are finally in giving Shafiq a solid lead in the capital with 57.7 per cent of the vote compared to rival Morsi's 42.3 per cent.

However, the Cairo initial tallies will not be enough to put Shafiq ahead of Morsi after votes have been reported in 27 governorates.

If these results stand, Muslim Brotherhood contender Morsi will have won Egypt's first post-uprising elections with 51.89 per cent of the vote, succeeding toppled strongman Hosni Mubarak.

Downtown Cairo has woken up to the sound of horns and celebratory chants as Morsi supporters continue to descend on the capital's iconic Tahrir Square.

Official results will be announced by the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission on Thursday, 21 June; the ruling military council will "hand over power" on 30 June.

Thank you for following our live coverage. From all of us in the office, we bid you a good afternoon.

9:52 Results from Cairo have yet to be announced by the governorate's presiding judge. However, FJP figures place Shafiq ahead with 56 per cent compared to rival Morsi's 44 per cent. The military man's win in the capital, however, still leaves him trailing the Islamist candidate by roughly 895,000 votes countrywide.

9:02 Brotherhood leader Essam El-Erian defends the Islamist group's early announcement of Morsi's apparent victory, because it was sure of the result, adding that they would respect the values of democracy.

8:31 Here are our tabulations for all Egyptian governorates with the exception of Cairo. Turnout stands at 49.5 per cent compared to 46.4 per cent in the first round.

Final results from all governorates, excluding Cairo.

8:29 An electoral commission source tells Reuters that Morsi in the lead but said the count had yet to be finalised:

"The results shown by the Morsy campaign on their website which show Morsy in the lead, reflect to a large degree the results tallied by the electoral committee," the member, who asked not to be named, told Reuters.

Other officials contacted by Reuters would not comment on the Brotherhood's claim.

"The election commission has nothing to do with the announced results," committee member Mohamed Momtaz said, while a second member Osama Salama said: "We are still conducting the tally process."

8:27 Numbers for 99.4 per cent of Cairo's 1,329 polling stations show Shafiq substantially in the lead, according to the FJP's official website.

Shafiq: 1,885,165

Morsi: 1,505,069

7:31 As we await results from the capital, here's an updated tally of the 26 other governorates showing Morsi as the likely victor:

Morsi: 11,487,381 (52.7 per cent)

Shafiq: 10,292,220 (47.3 per cent)

6:46 As the sun rises, few hundred Morsi supporters are gathering in Cairo's iconic Tahrir Square to celebrate their man's ostensible victory.

6:28 Ikhwanweb tweets: President-Elect Mohamed , heads to - symbol of the Egyptian revolution-after speech at his campaign HQ announcing elex results

6:25 Morsi is in the lead with 52.3 per cent of the total 21,560,639 ballots cast nationwide, according to our preliminary count. This includes all governorates save Cairo.

Morsi: 11,265,781

Shafiq: 10,294,858

6:17 Our final tally from the coastal governorate of Alexandria shows Shafiq washed away. Out of a total of 3,291,734 registered voters, around 52 per cent cast their ballots.

Morsi: 993,146

Shafiq: 717,460

6:07 Our final tally from Beheira Governorate shows Shafiq sounding a retreat. Out of a total of 3,227,555 registered voters, around 48 per cent cast their ballots.

Morsi: 905,878

Shafiq: 640,633

6:03 Final results for the textile hub of Beni Suef shows Morsi spinning circles around rival Shafiq, according to governorate's presiding judge. Out of a total of 795,199 registered voters, around 54 per cent cast their ballots.

Morsi: 513,030

Shafiq: 258,497

5:57 Our final tally from Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate shows Morsi trumping Shafiq. Out of a total of 1,863,240 registered votes, around 41.2 per cent cast their ballots.

Morsi: 426,156

Shafiq: 343,152

5:49 The presiding judge in Qalioubiya Governorate announces the final results, showing Shafiq well ahead:  

Shafiq: 855,975

Morsi: 607,686

5:46 Our final tally from the coastal Port Said Governorate offers the military man another victory. Out of a total of 436,702 registered voters, around 58.4 per cent cast their ballots.

Shafiq: 130,122

Morsi: 109,768

5:31 Our final tally from Gharbiya Governorate shows the military man commanding a clear victory. Out of a total of 2,914,418 registered voters, around 53 per cent cast their ballots.

Shafiq: 979,017

Morsi: 566,532

5:20 Yasser Makarim, Shafiq's campaign manager, states in an exclusive statement on private television channel ONTV that the campaign's latest figures show their man in the lead with 51 per cent of the vote while Morsi took 49 per cent. However, 3,500 polling stations across Egypt have yet to announce their results. He add that Shafiq enjoys a lead the governorates of Cairo, Gharbiya, Menoufiya, Sharqiya and Qalioubiya.

Makarim urged Morsi's campaign against manipulating the media until the final results are announced

5:14 Our final tally from Assiut Governorate shows the Brotherhood's man shoeing away his rival:

Morsi: 553,975

Shafiq: 346,699

4:56 Morsi misses the midnight train to Luxor as Shafiq pips him at the post, according to our final vote count:

Shafiq: 135,930

Morsi: 120,526

4:52 Final figures for Sharqiya, the home governorate of both candidates, show resounding support for Shafiq, according to Al-Hayat TV channel.

Shafiq: 1,074,262

Morsi: 882,978

4:48 Our final count from Damietta Governorate shows Morsi with a sizeable majority:

Morsi: 258,475

Shafiq: 202,944

4:31 Ahmed Sarhan, spokesperson for Shafiq's campaign, tells presenter on private Egyptian television channel ONTV that the campaign does not recognise any results announced by Morsi's campaign, describing their actions as 'absurd' and 'pathetic media manipulation.'

4:29 Surrounded by FJP head Essam El-Erian, former parliamentary speaker Saad El-Katatni and FJP MP Saad El-Husseini, Morsi saluted "the revolution's 'martyrs', the revolutionaries and those who said 'Yes' to me as well as those who said 'No' to me."

"I will be a brother and servant to all Egyptians," Morsi stated

The Brotherhood's man added that there would be no settling of accounts.

"We promise to build a democratic and modern state with a constitution," he concluded.

Following Morsi's words, supporters broke out singing the national anthem.

4:25 According to Brotherhood website IkhwanOnline, the presiding judge of Alexandria Governorate has announced a victory for Morsi:

Morsi: 986,965

Shafiq: 726,865

4:21 Final results for the governorate of Suez show Morsi cruising to victory, according to a presiding judge:

Morsi: 129,221

Shafiq: 76,724

4:16 Morsi has arrived at the FJP's campaign headquarters in downtown Cairo and is now addressing the nation.

4:07 Our final figures show Morsi claiming a crushing victory in Fayoum Governorate. Of a total 2,221,441 registered voters, about 35 per cent cast their ballots.

Morsi: 591,700

Shafiq: 186,838

4:00 In an FJP press conference, Morsi's offical campaign spokesperson, Yasser Ali, announced that after counting ballots from 97.7 per cent of polling stations across Egypt, the Brotherhood's man is in the lead with 52.5 per cent or 12.7 million with Shafiq trailing by around 1 million votes.

"A great responsibility has been placed on our shoulders," stated Ali.

3:51 According to our final figures from Aswan Governorate, Morsi holds back the Shafiq current:

Morsi: 164,873


3:34 Brotherhood's Misr 25 television channel announce that after counting 95.5 per cent of the vote, Morsi is in a firm lead with 52 per cent or 12.4 million votes with Shafiq lagging 1 million votes behind.

The FJP's official Facebook page subsequently announced Morsi as winner:

"Dr Mohamed Morsi is the first popularly elected president of Egypt."

Saudi-based Al-Arabiya news channel reports that Morsi will address Egyptians in one hour.

3:30 According to Brotherhood website IkhwanOnline, Morsi has won the race in Giza. The turnout in Egypt's second largest constituency reached 52.7 per cent of a total 4,289,421 registered voters.

Morsi: 1,350,619

Shafiq: 911,223

3:25 Our final figures show Shafiq trouncing Morsi in Tanta, Gharbiya Governorate. Of a total 365,643 registered voters, about 56 per cent cast their ballots.

Shafiq: 139,549

Morsi: 65,408

3:23 Our final figures show Morsi warding off Shafiq in Ismailia Governorate. Of a total 700,515 registered voters, about 54 per cent cast their ballots.

Morsi: 204,316

Shafiq: 172,270

3:19 Shafiq can only look back in anger as Morsi surges ahead in Fayoum Governorate, named after a famed oasis, according to our latest tally from 280 of a total 380 polling stations:

Morsi: 416,700

Shafiq: 116,361

3:11 Military man Shafiq seems to be capturing the lion's share of the vote in Daqahliya Governorate, where Egyptians drove the French out and seized their king during the 13th century Battle of Mansoura. Our numbers from 700 of the governorates 1,032 polling stations indicate the following:

Shafiq: 710,230

Morsi: 570,463

3:01 According to our final results for the upscale Cairene satellite city of Shorouq show Morsi with a small margin of victory:

Morsi: 3,956

Shafiq: 3215

2:59 Results from 658 polling stations in Giza Governorate show Morsi with an apparently unassailable lead, according to our latest figures:

Morsi: 997,564

Shafiq: 630,961

2:53 Morsi soars past Shafiq in the northwestern coastal governorate of Mars Matrouh, according to our latest tally. Of a total of 204,733 registered voters, around 40 per cent cast a ballot.

Morsi: 65,162

Shafiq: 16,155

2:49 Shafiq lords it over Morsi in the Delta governorate of Gharbiya, according to our results from 400 polling stations:

Shafiq: 490,300

Morsi: 290,270

2:46 Morsi out-muscles military man Shafiq at one polling station in Abu Simbal, hometown of Egypt's de-facto leader Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, according to our latest figures:

Morsi: 402

Shafiq: 382

2:43 Morsi should start packing his bags for the presidential palace post-haste, if results from the Brotherhood's official website, IkhwanOnline, are to be believed. The website's tally puts Morsi at 10.5 million votes and Shafiq at 9.5, with 82 per cent of ballots counted.

2:23 Shafiq's campaign is sounding the victory trumpet in Menoufiya, home province of the last inhabitant of the presidential palace, citing the following figures:

Shafiq: 218,000

Morsi: 82,000

Turning to the Cairene island of stability, Zamalek residents push Morsi out to sea. Figures from one polling station are as follows:

Shafiq: 1,951

Morsi: 175

2:13  Shafiq has let the air out of Morsi's tyres in the Alexandrian hub of Bab Sharq, according to the presiding judge at a polling station in the area.

Shafiq: 56,655

Morsi: 50,228


2:07 Morsi may have cracked the code in Beheira Governorate, where not so long ago French troops unearthed the Rosetta Stone, according to results posted on the FJP's Facebook page.

Just over a third of the region's total votes have been counted, but the tally for now stands at:

Morsi: 674,025

Shafiq: 481,737

1:54 Some reactions from the Twitter-sphere on today's announced addendums to last year's constitutional declaration:

 Mahmoud El Lozy, drama professor at the American University of Cairo, tweets: The Egyptian President will be known from now on as The Prisoner of Zenda!

@maysarathustra tweets: every mother fu**ing thing in this country is unconstitutional since 1952, including the constitutions !!!

1:52 The final results have just come in from Red Sea Governorate with Shafiq safely to shore, according to our latest figures. Of a total 225,218 registered voters in the governorate,  a quarter have cast their ballots.

Shafiq: 47,988

Morsi: 46,802

1:46 Despite initially celebrating a comfortable lead, the Muslim Brotherhood are grudgingly acknowledging Shafiq is closing in, Reuters reports:

"Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood said on Monday its candidate Mohamed Morsi was running almost neck-and-neck with his rival Ahmed Shafiq, an ex-military man who was Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister.

A Brotherhood official said Morsy had 51 percent of the votes from a quarter of polling stations counted so far, compared to 49 percent for Shafik. The group had earlier said Morsy had a commanding lead after Sunday's vote but that was based on just 10 percent of polling stations counted."

1:44 Alexandria Governorate, known as an Islamist stronghold, is proving true to form and weighing heavily towards Morsi, according to our results from 234 polling stations. It has the following tally:

Morsi: 324,124

Shafiq: 212,874

1:41 Al-Hayat TV channel releases the first final vote count from the governorate of South Sinai, showing Shafiq with a slim margin of victory. A turnout of 40 per cent took to the polls out of a total 62,759 registered voters.

Shafiq: 12,502

Morsi: 12,284

1:38 The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) says it will hold a news conference Monday morning at the Moral Affairs Department in Nasr City to announce the addendum to the constitutional declaration published just hours ago.

The conference is also expected to address the presidential elections, the drafting of a new constitution, steps towards a new parliament and a roadmap for military rule until a constitution is drafted.

1:25 Military man Shafiq parries Morsi in the Upper Egypt governorate of Luxor, as results trickle in from 62 out of 188 polling stations, according to our latest figures:

Shafiq: 36,378

Morsi: 34,900

1:19 Ahram Online's latest countrywide tally shows Morsi leading Shafiq by a substantial 10 per cent margin. A total of 1,559,694 votes have so far been counted. For the latest updates, see our Up-to-the-Minute Vote Count.

1:17 Vote counts from 104 of the 916 polling stations in Lower Egypt governorate of Beheira show Morsi in the lead, according to our latest figures:

Morsi: 86,492

Shafiq: 73,359

1:14 In Fayoum Morsi extends his lead after tentative results stream in from 181 polling stations, according to the Brotherhood's IkhwanOnline:

Morsi: 241,718

Shafiq: 59,280

00:58 Steeling himself for a win? Morsi is far ahead in the Al-Dekhalia, the industrial powerhouse of Alexandria Governorate, according to our latest figures:

Morsi: 50,964

Shafiq: 25,946

00:53 Shafiq is still leading in Gharbiya Governorate, according to our latest tally from 169 polling stations:

Shafiq: 146,402

Morsi: 97,974

00:42 The Brotherhood's man is far, far ahead in the governorate of Fayoum, according to our latest figures. Here's the new tally:

Morsi: 131,034

Shafiq: 27,654

00:39 Mubarak's last prime minister has a solid lead in Sharqiya, according to our latest figure. Counts for 45 polling stations put the tallies at:

Shafiq: 32,283

Morsi: 22,507

00:31 Morsi has an immense lead in Beni Suef, according to figures cited by IkhwanOnline. The Brotherhood's website is reporting the following:

Morsi: 131,882

Shafiq: 34,681

00:30 Shafiq is taking a slight lead in Luxor after a count of 16 polling stations, according to Al-Hayat TV channel. Figures are as follows:

Shafiq: 16,357

Morsi: 15,120

00:26 Morsi (56.4 per cent) is now ahead of Shafiq (43.4 per cent) in Ahram Online's latest countrywide tally.

A total of 492,080 votes have been counted.

00:23 Shafiq's official spokesperson, Ahmed Sarhan, tweets "Mission Accomplished!" in a gesture that brings to mind George W Bush's infamous comment during the Iraq War.

00:14 Results for 26 polling stations in North Sinai show Morsi garnering more than double the vote of his rival, according to Al-Hayat TV channel. Their tally is as follows:

Morsi: 46,596

Shafiq: 20,856

00:08 According to Al-Hayat TV channel, the latest vote counts from Sohag show Morsi surging ahead:

Morsi: 100,750

Shafiq: 52,842

00:03  Ahmed Sarhan, the Shafiq campaign's official spokesperson, is brimming with confidence, tweeting the following:

"Lieutenant General Shafiq is on the cusp of becoming Egypt's first post-January 25 president…indications are very promising."

He also praised Shafiq's solid performance in the Delta:

"Port Said will be a surprise and [Shafiq] continues to be ahead in Sharqiya. He is playing solo in Qalioubiya, Menoufiya, Daqahliya and Gharbiya. Results in Kafr El-Sheikh are impressive."

23:56 Vote counts from 45 polling station in the Upper Egypt governorate of Assiut show Morsi in a firm lead, according to our latest figures:

Morsi: 44,321

Shafiq: 15,291

23:53 Initial results from 36 polling stations in Giza Governorate show Morsi in a comfortable lead, according to our latest figures:

Morsi: 46,596

Shafiq: 20,856

23:50 Shafiq (50.2 per cent) has edged past Morsi (49.8 per cent) in Ahram Online's latest countrywide tally. A total of 171,468 ballots have been counted so far.

23:47 Our latest figures show military man Shafiq making a counter-attack in the Delta governorate of Ismailia. Here's a tally to date:

Morsi: 35,684

Shafiq: 28,459

23:44 Another update from the Upper Egypt governorate of Sohag courtesy of IkhwanOnline:

Morsi: 60,682

Shafiq: 31,287

23:42 The Delta governorate of Gharbiya has given a further lead to Morsi after the vote count was finalised at 20 polling stations, according to our latest figures:

Morsi: 15,913

Shafiq: 12,740

23:40 According to the Brotherhood' official website, Morsi has leapt past his rival after the counting of votes from 67 poll stations in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate.

Morsi:  29,421

Shafiq: 18,329

23:37 The Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party announce in a press conference on their television channel, Misr 25, the results after 1.3 million votes were tallied:

Morsi: 842,577 (61 per cent)

Shafiq: 541,785 (39 per cent)

23:34 After a final vote count from 18 polling stations in Ismailiya, Morsi seems to retain his initial lead, according to our latest figures:

Morsi: 13,363

Shafiq: 9,573

23:29 Shafiq swipes three polling stations from Morsi in the Manfalout district in the Upper Egypt governorate of Assiut, according to the Brotherhood's official site IkhwanOnline:

Morsi: 326

Shafiq: 9764

23:22 The vote count is in from 67 polling stations in the Upper Egypt governorate of Minya showing Morsi in a commanding lead, according to Al-Hayat TV channel:

Morsi: 71,141

Shafiq: 2,303

22:55 Egyptian television coverage is momentarily shifting from the vote count to discussing the military council's new addendum to the constitutional declaration.

22:44 The counts are in for seven polling stations in Assiut and the Brotherhood's man is pulling further ahead:

Morsi: 4,204

Shafiq: 837

22:36 Morsi gets a head start in Shafiq's home town in the Sharqiya governorate's Heya district:

Morsi: 1,919

Shafiq: 501

22:24 More wins for Morsi in Upper Egypt, according to the Brotherhood's official website, IkhwanOnline.

The site claims that counts have been completed at 20 polling stations in Minya Governorate, the tally stands at:

Morsi: 19,215

Shafiq: 5,382  

22:15 The counts are in for five polling stations in Sohag, Upper Egypt, and Morsi is taking the lead. Here's how the tally stands:

Morsi: 4.333

Shafiq: 837

Good evening. The country's 13,100 polling stations have closed and the counting has begun across Egypt. The past two days could best be summed up by sweltering heat, seemingly low turnout and widespread reports of electoral violations.

So who will be the country's first post-Mubarak president: Ahmed Shafiq or Mohamed Morsi? Stay with Ahram Online through the night as we bring you a blow-by-blow, station-by-station coverage as the results stream in.

In a possible hint of how the night might unfold, the lights have gone out in six polling stations in the NIle Delta, according to Al-Ahram's Arabic language news website.

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