Morsi supporters celebrate election victory in Tahrir Square

Zeinab El Gundy , Monday 18 Jun 2012

With unofficial results showing Egypt's new president will be Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, dozens of supporters celebrate in Cairo's Tahrir Square - (PHOTO GALLERY)

(Photo: Zeinab El-Gundy)

Dozens of Mohamed Morsi supporters have been gathering in Cairo's Tahrir Square since early Monday morning to celebrate his projected victory in Egypt's presidential election runoff.

Official election results will be announced by the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC) on Thursday but unofficial results indicate Morsi has won the vote to become Egypt's first post-Mubarak president.

In the election runoffs on 16 and 17 June, Muslim Brotherhood candidate Morsi faced Ahmed Shafiq who served as the last prime minister of ousted president Hosni Mubarak.

"Over 90 per cent of the results have been announced and scanned in subsidiary polling stations with official stamps," Mousa Adly, a young member of the Muslim Brotherhood, told Ahram Online in Tahrir Square.

Mohamed Fawzy, who arrived in Tahrir Square with his wife in the early morning to celebrate Morsi's victory, said he was confident that Morsi had won and if "the SPEC declares anything different on Thursday, we'll have another revolution and return to Tahrir Square."

Inside the square, people chanted pro-revolution and pro-Morsi songs whilst waving Egyptian flags.

Despite the relatively low numbers, traffic in the square was disrupted by the celebrations.

Mohamed Abdullah, 50, told Ahram Online that as long as the elections were fair and democratic people should accept the results. "If Morsi does not do his job as he should, we can return to Tahrir Square to remove him before the end of his term," Abdullah commented. 

"I want to send a message to the media, we want to reach the people through actions and not only talk," said Fatma El-Siyad, a Muslim Brotherhood supporter who wears a full face niqab. "We want to reach those 12 million Egyptians who gave their votes to Shafiq," she added.

Asked if the final results will be different from the initial results, El-Siyad said it was unlikely because the SCAF had already issued an addendum to the Constitutional Declaration that stripped the new president of many powers.

Explaining, her point El-Siyad said that "the SCAF prepared two addendums to the Constitutional Declaration and issued the one that would strip the upcoming president of serious power when they knew Morsi was winning." 

Meanwhile, members of Ahmed Shafiq's campaign have rejected Morsi claims of victory in the elections, claiming that Shafiq is actually in the lead.

To read the addendum to the Constitutional Declaration click here.

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