Morsi displays 'proof' of election victory

Ahram Online, Zeinab El Gundy , Tuesday 19 Jun 2012

Campaign team of Mohamed Morsi displays 'proof' of election victory; spokesperson says the Muslim Brother won't 'take orders from anyone' when in office

Mohamed Morsi
Egyptian presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi (Photo: Reuters)

Mohamed Morsi's campaign team has displayed what they claim is proof of his presidential election victory at a press conference Tuesday. It also refuted claims from Ahmed Shafiq's campaign team that its candidate won the election.

“Dr Mohamed Morsi won 52 per cent of the votes (13,238,298), while Ahmed Shafiq won 48 per cent (12,351,184). This is based on results at polling stations issued on Sunday and Monday, and the tally of Egyptians voting abroad,” a spokesperson for Morsi's campaign said.  

Photocopies of results from polling stations, with official stamps and the signatures of supervising judges, were distributed to journalists.

Morsi's campaign had submitted 140 complaints about ballots in nine governorates to the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC), the spokesperson added.

In response to the ruling junta's changes to the temporary constitution on Sunday, the spokesperson said Morsi would enjoy full presidential powers and would not "take orders from anyone."

Furthermore, it was announced that Morsi would resign from the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party before swearing his oath of office.

It was also denied that the oath-swearing ceremony would take place in Tahrir Square, the epicentre of the revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak from power in early 2011.

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