After vote count, 'Judges for Egypt' corroborate Morsi presidential win

Randa Ali , Wednesday 20 Jun 2012

Egyptian reformist judges say vote counts have confirmed Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi as winner of Egypt’s contentious presidential runoff

Judge Waleed Al-Sharab (Photo: Ahram Online)


 ‘Judges for Egypt,’ a group of Egyptian reformist judges who helped monitor the recently-concluded elections process, held a press conference at the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate on Wednesday to announce that vote counts had confirmed that Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi had won Egypt’s presidential runoff vote.

Group spokesman Judge Waleed El-Sharabi declared that Morsi had won with 13, 238,335 votes, against 12,351,310 for last Mubarak-era PM Ahmed Shafiq.

The results included votes cast by Egyptian expatriates and verified by Egypt’s Supreme Presidential Elections Commission (SPEC).

Results announced by the judges corroborate claims by the Muslim Brotherhood that its candidate had won the race.

The Shafiq campaign, nevertheless, continues to claim victory, saying its candidate had picked up 51 per cent of the total vote.

El-Sharabi also rejected recent reports that a number of pre-marked votes had been found in favour of one of the candidates.

"This is an indictment of the entire judiciary," he said. "All pre-marked ballots were discounted from the tally.”

El-Sharabi went on to stress that these were not official results, since appeals had yet to be examined.

"Final results will be announced by the SPEC on Thursday," El-Sharabi confirmed.  

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