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Cairo- Athens: For whom the bell tolls

A brief statement made by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi laid the foundation for strong security cooperation

Alaa Thabet , Friday 20 Nov 2020
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Views: 3215

The Egyptian- Greek summit formed a bow that has been shooting arrows at Erdogan ambushes, thus drawing red circles that limit his moves of enmity in the Middle East.

Those arrows will further upset his expansionist project that has been executed mainly by terrorist groups spreading throughout Europe.

Those groups have been used by Erdogan as a tool of manipulation that threatens not only the Europeans but the region extending from central Asia in the east to Syria and Iraq in the north.

A brief statement made by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, laid the foundation for strong security cooperation and the respect of international legislations which should put an end to the aggressive policies and the use of power to control the resources of different states.

The statement has been a hard-hitting message sent with the most resilient words that established a system to settle regional issues through peaceful means.

Despite the availability of military power, means to resolve Libyan, Syrian and Palestinian issues should be made in accordance with the international legislations by punishing the rogue states that support terrorism and pulling out all foreign troops.

The summit became more of a political process launched to regain the stability of the security and economic situation in this region. The process is based on international and European support.The regional backing for the process is stemming from the threats imposed by Erdogan’s project which has been flooding Europe with Syrian refugees and terrorist groups.

Wars of hate have been part and parcel of his project that raised the banner of Islam, smearing and slandering Muslim communities throughout Europe, thus instigating ethnic and religious discrimination against them.

The Turkish president has been moving such terrorist groups from one place to the other. They have moved from Syria to Libya to control the oil- rich state; hopeful of veiling his moves towards full dominance over the Eastern- Mediterranean resources.

President El-Sisi has drawn a red- line to Erdogan’s ambitions in Libya when he tried to control the Libyan oil crescent in the city of Sert. The decision which put an end to Erdogan’s vicious craving for oil and gas in Libya, but the flames of his fires have been engulfing the whole region carrying along miseries, destruction and deaths starting from Syria, Iraq, Cyprus, Greece and Azerbaijan.

Erdogan’s claims as the Khalifa who will protect Muslims all over the world have dropped down and his imperialist project came to the limelight.

Now, people in the region and soon his people in Turkey, will realize that his mayhem to revive the old Ottoman empire will bring nothing but havoc. As a save facing formula, he has to repeat his lies on new oil and gas findings in the Black Sea, at a time when the Turkish Lira fell by 80 per cent of its market value. Later, he had to enflame a new fight between Armenia and Nagorny Karabakh where he managed to instigate what he has been the most successful in …hatred and miseries.

Therefore, the statement made by President El-Sisi, became an alternative strategy which will put an end to conflict, terrorism and wars, laying the basis for peace and cooperation among the world to preserve each and everyone’s rights, and protect all of us against miseries and destruction.

The statement has focused on means to build up a path of economic cooperation, an avenue for understanding and a new road to rebuild countries that sent away millions of the displaced to Europe.

Egypt has been hosting millions of the refugees of almost 57 nationalities and has never put them in camps or manipulated the situation to get hard currency from Europe or even international institutions caring for the refugees or the displaced.

Therefore, this country has always been respected and will certainly put its feet on the right ground through cooperation.

Currently, Egypt has promoted its trade exchange with Greece by 35 per cent, in the meantime, Europe has opened up its gates to the country’s exports and feels that Cairo is worth a better chance in the continent investment portfolio.

President El-Sisi has thus represented the true image of Islam that is based on cooperation, and tolerance as opposed to conflict and war in the name of Islam which in turn has been promoting the discriminatory radical right in Europe.

The media coverage of the summit echoed the fact that Egypt will be warmly welcome in this continent as the closest friend to the EU.

This country will bring back the glory of moderate Islam and erase the traces of hatred and terrorism.

Soon, the outcome of this summit will be very clear to everyone and Egypt will enjoy its right position on the international arena.

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