The moral downfall of Hezbullah

Khalid Amayreh , Thursday 9 May 2013

Hassan Nasrallah’s recent admission that his militiamen are fighting alongside the regime of Bashar El-Assad confirms for many his betrayal of the Arab cause for sectarian interests

For years, the Lebanese Shia militia Hezbullah projected itself as "pan-Islamic" and "non-sectarian." Its resistance to Israel in Southern Lebanon impressed many Arabs and Muslims, including this writer.

However, the party's active involvement in the Syrian mayhem has forced many erstwhile supporters to reconsider their stance vis-à-vis the movement.

Hezbullah has made mendacious claims to justify its criminal backing of the fascistic regime in Damascus, a regime that is committing a virtual genocide against the Syrian people in order to keep the Assad family in power for a few more years.

The group claims that it is intervening in Syria to defend the Sayida Zeinab Shrine against possible assaults by the revolution's fighters. This is a manifestly fallacious claim since the shrine has never been attacked or harmed by successive Muslim Sunni authorities throughout history.

Indeed, as one is affronted with these lies, one is prompted to ask whether Sayeda Zeinab is loved and venerated more by Shias than by Sunni Muslims. The truth of the matter is that Hezbullah is exposing its sectarianism by blatantly aiding and siding with the anti-Islam regime of Bashar Al-Assad, which really Hezbullah's moral bankruptcy and refutes its purported religious claims of adherence to the values of Islam.

Indeed, how can a party or any group of people claim to possess true Islamic credentials while joining forces with an explicitly atheistic regime that exterminates its own people in order to stay in power? This regime is more evil than evil itself and any attempt to justify support for the regime is really beyond the pale of human decency.

Only a Satanic party (“Hezbul Shaytan”) would join hands with the hateful murderers of Damascus. A true "party of God" (Hezbullah) should never find itself in the same trench with a decidedly criminal regime based on a tiny sect that murders its own people en masse by whatever means is available in order to ensure that power doesn’t slip from its hands.

God knows that had it not been for Western threats and warnings, the Assad regime would have used deadly chemical weapons on a large scale to annihilate hundreds of thousands of Syrians for the purpose of ensuring the regime's survival.

Hezbullah is fully aware of the criminal nature and moral bankruptcy of the Assad regime. However, due to its immense hatred of Sunni Muslims, the party and its leadership would rather join forces with a Shia devil against the Syrian people. Yes, blind sectarianism is the name of the game; this is sad, but it is true.

Now, Hezbullah has brought moral collapse upon itself. It has incurred and invited this calamity. It will never be able to extricate itself from this thundering downfall.

A few days ago, the original founder of the group, Sheikh Subhi Al-Tufeili exposed the unIslamic credentials of "those who send our children to fight alongside the forces of oppression and criminality in Syria."

Tufeili, a man of integrity and intellectual honesty, added: "Those killed while fighting alongside the Assad regime shall definitely go to hell."

I have no doubt that the Assad regime will eventually meet the same fate of other despotic and tyrannical regimes in the Arab world. I also have no doubt that Hizbullah will go into oblivion and find its ultimate place in the dustbin of history.

Every drop of Syrian blood will rain curses on this repulsively sectarian party that has chosen to be a spearhead against the Syrian revolution, mostly in the service of Israel and the United States.

Interestingly, Hezbullah claims its fighters are slaughtering Syrian civilians in order to ensure the survival of the "citadel of resistance," an allusion to the Assad regime. But since when was the Assad regime a citadel of resistance?

And since when was resistance against Israel practiced by massacring innocent Syrian civilians and dropping barrels of explosives on heavily populated neighbourhoods, mosques and long queues outside bakeries?

In plain light, the Syrian people and other Arabs and Muslims around the world will not allow the confederacy of evil to establish another Israel in Biladu Shamm, namely a Safavi state in Syria that would be hell-bent on undermining Islam in the region. 

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