Smart Home Real Estate is Booming In the UAE

Tuesday 25 Dec 2018

Technology has advanced to a level where we can now ask our phones by voice to do things like call someone, send a text, or to open up an app.

Technology has advanced to a level where we can now ask our phones by voice to do things like call someone, send a text, or to open up an app. With recent smart home developments, we can even ask our phones to check if we remembered to lock the door at home. Smart Home technology has become a part of the UAE lifestyle in many ways, enabling people to be aware of what is going on at home, no matter where they are, and to have control over essential equipment like security cameras, locks, temperature regulators, and more. 
What Is Smart Home Technology?
Smart home technology is still something of a new concept. While various differentconcepts related to smart technology in the home were introduced a few decades ago, it wasn’t until recently that manufacturers started to implement features in their devices, appliances and, of course, in modern smartphones, to allow a more convenient and automated experience. 
Smart home technology now connects multiple equipment, appliances, and tools throughout the home, and often even allows a person to have remote access to these devices. Air conditioning equipment can be adjusted through the use of a simple smartphone application, while doors can be locked with a similar app. 
Devices like the Apple iPhone now come built-in with a Smart Home feature, allowing people to connect it to their washing machines, lighting, televisions, and other devices in their home. 
When people are away from their house, they can get a glimpse of what is going on back home with the touch of a button, as security cameras also now feature smart technology that lets them transmit video and sound via applications on a smartphone. 
Smart home offerings In the Real Estate Industry
In the UAE, smart home technology is currently booming. More people than ever before are now implementing this technology in their home to help them gain more control of their surroundings. Many real estate developers have noted the trend and started to include smart home features in the buildings they develop – whether standalone houses or full apartment suites. 
An excellent example is Arada, which is offering affordable apartments that provide smart home features. These features allow the resident to control lights, temperature and blinds with their smartphone. Video security ensures all rooms in the apartment can be easily monitored from anywhere in the world. Voice activation features enable the resident to speak to their home and the technology will recognise the command and take appropriate action. 
This is only one example of how the UAE is increasingly becoming a country where smart home technology will soon be a standard feature in homes, allowing people to have peace of mind, added security, and more convenience in life. 
With smart home technology becoming more advanced than ever before, even though still a relatively new concept, real estate developers in UAE is increasingly making use of these features as they build new properties. It is now possible to buy property in the country that comes fully equipped with the latest in smart home features, at very reasonable prices. 
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