President El-Sisi visits Madkour's pavilion at the International Intelligent Transport Exhibition

Tuesday 24 Nov 2020

During his visit, the Egyptian president listened to an explanation from Dr. Mostafa Madkour about the company's activities

President El-Sisi
President El-Sisi visits Madkour's pavilion at the International Intelligent Transport Exhibition
President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi visited the pavilion of Madkour Company for Intelligent Transportation at the Transportation Exhibition currently held in Cairo and the President listened to an explanation from Dr. Mustafa Madkour, CEO of the company and Managing Director of the group, about the group’s vision in achieving sustainable development goals that the company undertakes in national projects, especially the Toshka project, where the company reclaimed and cultivated 40 thousand feddans as the first stage, while the second stage will be completed in March 2021.
The group also participated in the activities of the second day of the International Conference on Intelligent Transport, TransMEA, in a dialogue session in the presence of the Minister of Transport, Lieutenant General Kamel, the Minister and a group of heads of companies participating in the exhibition, where the entire team confirmed that the transport conference will provide a vital platform for exchanging experiences and getting acquainted with successful experiences around the world and seeing the latest Innovations, especially with the exhibition coinciding with the expansion of Egypt in building smart cities and the state’s endeavor to enhance these new cities and regions with modern and innovative smart transportation systems that achieve the desired goal of this urban renaissance.
Dr. Mostafa Madkour, CEO and Managing Director of Madkour Group of Companies, emphasized in his speech that the group seeks to achieve sustainable development goals and the visions of Egypt 2030, as he explained the group’s full vision in the coming period, which is the optimal transformation of smart transportation and clean energy road lighting through the ITS system. Smart, in order to provide and rationalize resources and create a clean environment, in partnership with a group of rising youth to provide smart solutions and achieve sustainable development goals.
the International Intelligent Transport Exhibition
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