Big thanks to the White Army of Egypt ... actions, not words

Wednesday 17 Feb 2021

The Medical Professions Syndicates Union, in cooperation with Almokhtabar Laboratories, supports the medical staff and their families in providing the analysis services


In appreciation and gratitude of all those who are exposed to the risks of infection. Under this agreement, all subscribers will receive a distinct service on the analyses of COVID-19 in Almokhtabar laboratories with the support of the Medical Professions Syndicates Union, which will benefit all members in the medical syndicates, which gives the medical staff and their families the advantage of benefiting from the extensive coverage of Almokhtabar laboratories throughout the republic with the highest standards of quality and accurate results.

In a meeting with Dr. Hend El-Sherbiny, CEO of the Almokhtabar laboratories and the official spokesperson, this partnership comes within the framework of highlighting the role of the laboratories in supporting medical care and social responsibility towards the state and its white army, expressing her content with this partnership and the support of the Almokhtabar laboratories of the Egyptian White Army.

She added that the Almokhtabar laboratories had obtained the international accreditation CAP years ago from the American Pathological Association for its central laboratory as a periodic certificate after examining the laboratories and ensuring that they apply the highest laboratory standards, which represent a milestone in the history of Egyptian laboratories since 2010, which places Almokhtabar laboratory on the map of the internationally accredited laboratories and a major quantum leap in the level of medical services provided to patients.

She also pointed that this certificate came to confirm the leading position of the Almokhtabar laboratories in Egypt and the Arab region, and the only one that obtained this certificate from the most prestigious pharmaceutical authority to ensure the most accurate and best results and its conformity with all scientific standards with the largest laboratories in the world and the Almokhtabar laboratories carry out the COVID-19 analyses. Remarkably, it is one of the largest private medical laboratories examining companies in the Middle East.

Dr. Hussein Abdel-Hady Hussein, Secretary-General of the Medical Professions Syndicates Union, stated that the union trusts the capabilities of Almokhtabar large laboratories as a reliable and credible strategic partner on the technical and medical levels. The medical staff and their families have been registered in the medical treatment project for members of the Medical Professions Syndicates Union, which also included doctors, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, in addition to at least half a million members nationwide and their families, showing the great care that the partnership gives to the beneficiaries and in line with the objectives of the Egyptian state.

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