Nawy: A new concept of real estate marketing in Egypt

Advertorial , Monday 21 Mar 2022

new concept

In light of the constant changes taking place in the field of real estate, and the great technological development that has consequently affected all aspects of life, the presence of a trusted guide away from the unsafe and stressful brokerage operations has become an unattainable dream that many seek, hence Nawy, the Egyptian startup working in the field of Real estate technology.

Nawy was established in 2016 and since that time it has succeeded in gaining the trust of thousands of customers and helping them to get their dream housing with the specifications they desire.

Nawy and Real Estate Technology

Nawy is distinguished from other real estate marketing companies by its keenness to provide the best service to its clients by relying on modern technology and by a group of experts and specialists in various fields, whether in real estate marketing, electronic marketing, sales or content.

The growth rate of Nawy Company at the end of the past year reached (5.4) times the previous year 2020, with total sales of more than $200 million after it succeeded in helping more than 60,000 customers decide to purchase the most appropriate units for them.

Nawy not only did that, but it worked on developing itself continuously by fully developing its website, and launching the Nawy mobile application, depending on a team that has quality, experience and efficiency, and until now the number of its employees or as the company prefers to call them Success Partners has 200 employees, after it started with only 20 employees, and aims to hire 400 employees by the end of next year 2023.

What distinguishes Nawy from others?

With the large number of real estate marketing companies in the Egyptian market, it has become difficult to differentiate between them and access correct and accurate information about the different housing units, which made Nawy go on a different approach to achieve the greatest benefit to its customers, as it was distinguished by the following:

• Providing as much information as possible related to housing units and developed companies completely free of charge on their website.

• Ensure that information, prices, and accurate pictures of the housing units are presented and updated on an ongoing basis to make it easier for the customer to make a purchase decision.

• It was not limited to working in one area only, but provided many residential units, whether apartments, villas, twin houses, townhouses, chalets, or even studios in a group of strong and reliable projects, whether in:

  • The new administrative capital
  • North Coast
  • New Cairo
  • October 6th
  • The city of the future
  • New Alamein City
  • North Coast
  • the Red Sea
  • El Gouna and other places

• Providing an optimal customer experience through Nawy website through its ability to filter options by specifying price, location or space, while displaying payment systems, payment plans and live images of the target unit to make the customer feel safe and confident.

Nawy is keen to provide honest and clear information to clients and fill the gap in the real estate marketing world, whether for clients from inside or outside Egypt, after its sales to Egyptians abroad increased by 15% over last year for workers in the Gulf countries, Europe and America.

As a result of the continuous development witnessed by Nawy Real Estate Company, it gained the confidence of many, and obtained a huge financing amounting to 5,000,000 dollars, led by the Sawiris family.

Despite the company's continuous success, its CEO, Mostafa El-Beltagy, believes that it is still at the beginning of the road, and that the real estate market can benefit from the digital development more; So Nawy will always strive to achieve more success and fulfill the dreams of her clients.

Payment Systems in Badya Palm Hills October

•             Without down payment, the value of the housing unit is to be paid over 10 Years.

•             5% down payment and the rest over 9 Years.


For those who wish to spend a fun time and a happy vacation in a distinguished place that enjoys sophistication, quality and luxury.

Book now with Nawy and own your dream apartment in a vibrant compound with a sense of luxury and distinction in an integrated residential complex in Badya Palm Hills.


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