Homes Online Expo launches on May 5th.

Wednesday 15 Mar 2023

Homes Online Expo, an integrated real estate selling platform is launched on the 5th of May 2023 within the interest in energizing the real estate market and boosting real estate exports internationally.



Endorsed by Al- Ahram's online marketing capacity Homes Online Expo aims to offer a highly branded real estate selling experience which includes top names in the real estate market of Egypt. 

Mohamed Ebaied CEO of Homes company, stated that the new platform is a cross border promotional platform which will be boosted by multiple marketing options leveraged  by co-sponsorship of Al-Ahram online media.

Through the expo a variety of real estate offers are actively promoted through Al-Ahram online network in different effective formats. 

"Homes Online Expo is a direct selling platform which offers interested visitors needed information and details about the projects showcased on the website in addition to payment methods and down payments and other details required in the buying decision" Ebaied added.

Through this joint effort the brand value of the upcoming event is highly positioned. The expo bearing the domain name offers a unique opportunity for grabbing discounts up to 45% within 12 hours only from 10am - 10pm.

Vistors from all over the world are able to access the website to explore the different projects within any desired area. Homes Online Expo is scheduled for May 5th 2023.

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