Royal Garden.. Premium Quality Proudly Made In Egypt

Wednesday 20 Dec 2023

In a Massive, Fast paced field, ROYAL GARDEN has been born to prove her footsteps and to be a key player in the market of furniture. It all started with a small wood and bamboo workshop that was founded in 2021, with a desire to produce outstanding elegant outdoor furniture that met all core requirements.

Royal Garden


In 2022, with expert professional labors, integrity and passion ROYAL GARDEN has fastly grown from a small workshop to a huge furniture factory that brought ROYAL BLUE Interiors for luxury, modern and trendy indoor furniture to life.

Royal Garden success relies heavily on its carefully selected experts and professional Egyptian laborers who add all of their expertise, knowledge, and artistic skills to satisfy customers needs. Providing them not only with the finest quality of furniture, but also with a reasonable price. As a result of the integrity and customer satisfaction policy that ROYAL GARDEN maintains, it is considered to be a very successful customer oriented business.

The state-of-the-art techniques helped ROYAL GARDEN to grow fast from a local factory to an international well known brand all over the Middle East and Europe. Its premium quality, reasonable prices, and fast implementation have made it the perfect choice for big projects, and hotel owners to trust.

According to Mr. Mohamed Nabil Zaki , founder and CEO of ROYAL GARDEN: “ hotel owners and real-estate big project managers are highly relying on importing their basic furniture pieces from foreign countries which cost them lots of money, especially that they are trading with foreign/hard currency and that makes them suffer from the high costs of shipping.” Adding to that “ROYAL GARDEN is now changing this way of thinking, after contributing to furnishings and to be the main supplier to some of the most important projects and well known hotels in Egypt.”

All what you need to make the perfect outdoors space is available at Royal Garden; starting from the basic requirements to the luxury unique furniture pieces.

The company offers a wide variety of designs starting from the comfy outdoor couches, swings, pergolas, sunbeds to the relaxing lounge, rocking chair, tables, and much more. All outdoor furniture is made out of long lasting materials to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

ROYAL BLUE Interiors which is the indoor line of the company offers you a wide range of modern and luxury furniture that will nourish your space. It offers different indoor styles that will meet your taste to furnish your living room, kitchen, bedroom, TV units, and kids room.

 Moreover, ROYAL GARDEN is always eager to adopt social responsibility and eco-friendly ideology as an integral part of its identity. The Company is always keen on least harm to the environment and sustains in the production process. It uses special techniques to ensure waste reduction and to reduce the negative impacts on the environment.

Finally, after the rapid and remarkable success, ROYAL GARDEN is still promising to move much further and to always keep pace with new dynamic industries in the furniture world. It will always work hard to prove that it is worthy of the phrase “Proudly Made In Egypt.” In addition, it will work more to open a wide range of successful markets in the international field.

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