Expanding its AI PC Acceleration Program: Intel launches two initiatives for software developers and hardware vendors

Sunday 12 May 2024

The AI PC Developer Program and the incorporation of Independent Hardware Vendors aim to accelerate building apps for AI PCs



With steady steps into unleashing the unfolded potentials of Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing world, Intel announced new two initiatives under the AI PC Acceleration Program; aiming to push for the development of new AI technologies in both hardware and software.

The initiatives, AI PC Developer Program and the incorporation of Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs), aim to create a world in which AI developers meet with hardware optimized capabilities to create an innovative well-balanced AI eco-system.

The two enterprises open the doors to unlimited AI computing capabilities through fostering innovative talents and developers in both software and hardware systems.  

The AI PC Developer Program initiative is an open gate for developers to explore the AI sphere with only a one-shop stop that allows them to explore all the needed info for building pc AI apps, including client-focused toolkits, optimized AI models, documentation, training and more, Intel announced.

The initiative is opened for developers to sign up to. Once accepted, developers do not get to only gain access to AI and machine learning tools and resources for free, but also Intel offers them to provide technical support and test their latest innovations in the AI PC technologies.

This step comes complementing Intel’s most recently launched Core Ultra processors which comes with a built-in AI accelerator. The processors that are believed to be game changers in the computing field, help in providing users sustained AI workloads while consuming low power, enhancing power efficiency, and improving battery life on notebooks.

To balance the game with equal diversified players, Intel does not only seek the adoption of software developers, but also to give them the opportunity to shine with the optimum hardware technologies; a reason behind also catering for independent hardware vendors (IHVs) on board.

“We have made great strides with our AI PC Acceleration Program by working with the ecosystem,” said Carla Rodriguez, Vice President and General Manager of Client Software Ecosystem Enabling at Intel, adding “today, with the addition of the AI PC Developer Program, we are expanding our reach to go beyond large Independent Software Vendor (ISVs) and engage with small and medium-sized players and aspiring developers."

Since the AI PC Acceleration Program kicked off last October, the tech corporate has partnered with over 150 hardware vendors around the world, setting a plan to end 2024 with over 300 AI-accelerated features on over 230 designs from 12 global original equipment manufacturers.

Through opening the gate of Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs), Intel’s AI PC Acceleration Program presents a golden opportunity to IHVs to optimize their hardware technologies to meet with Intel AI PCs. The initiative allows vendors to receive technical support for their hardware resolutions with all possible tools to further upgrade them. This also includes the ability to test their AI revolutions and technologies to achieve the best possible performance in the field.

The optimization process is to take place at Intel labs in the U.S., China and Taiwan, with continuous access to its testing and system integration processes.

“Intel has already onboarded 150 hardware vendors around the world into our AI PC Accelerator Program,” said Matt King, senior director of client hardware ecosystem at Intel. “We’re excited to scale our innovative hardware and software solutions to bring this momentum to our broad, open ecosystem of developers.”

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