Foundever™ Announces the Opening of a New Hub in Egypt

Wednesday 5 Jun 2024

Foundever™, A global leader in customer service, has announced the opening of its third hub in Egypt as part of its plan for global expansion in countries with strong talent pools and attractive investment climates.



Egypt is a priority growth location for the company due to its mature market, with a skilled and qualified workforce, and a competitive offer for the demanding international clients in the company’s portfolio.

The company began Egyptian operations in 2010 and will now employ 1,200 people across its three hubs.

The new hub, at City Stars Towers in Nasr City, situated is being inaugurated with a ceremony attended by officials from the Ministry of Labor, Investment Authority and 50 other institutional invitees, company officials and Foundever clients.

The Egyptian expansion will provide hundreds of job opportunities in the near term, and Foundever is working on qualifying and training talent to work within the company.

Largely in thanks to the new hub, Foundever plans to employ 4,000 people in Egypt within the next three years off the back of revenue growth of 65% per year. “Our new hub in Egypt, at City Stars, will be a dynamic multilingual hub primed for exponential growth in the years ahead,” said Benedita Miranda, General Manager for the Multilingual Region of Foundever, which includes Egypt. ”With a decade of transformative development and substantial government investment in language training, Egypt now boasts a highly proficient workforce fluent in multiple languages”.

“Our presence in Egypt reflects not just strategic foresight, but a firm belief in its ability to swiftly scale to meet growing demand. I’ve witnessed firsthand Egypt’s unparalleled support for our U.S. and global clients. The country offers an attractive blend of language skills and cost-effectiveness, making it the standout location of choice in the region.

Moreover, the operational capacity and talent of Egypt’s management further solidify its position as a key player in our global strategy. Cairo also has a huge youth force and an educational system with more than 250 universities and institutes, producing a large number of graduates annually, with many specializing in information and communication technologies, finance and accounting.

Coupled with strong language capabilities, this produces a large number of employable candidates for the technology industry in particular.” “Our local team works hard to make sure our hubs are more than just a place to work, but also a space for learning, training and entertainment”, said Mina Wahba, General Manager of Foundever in Egypt. “We develop employees’ skills at work using facilitated digital courses for career and personal development, and also allocate teams to support and assist during their work period through offering entertainment, sports and artistic initiatives for employees.”

Commitment to community engagement

Foundever actively fosters corporate citizenship and nurtures prosperity within its teams and the regions they serve through various community initiatives. One innovative example is the mural created by the Egyptian street artist Nofal O, integrated in the Conversation at HeART program, where Foundever encourages an engaging dialogue between their associates and local artists.

By supporting unconventional, creative talents within the community, Foundever not only cultivates curiosity about contemporary art and the artistic process but also crafts a unique environment that can attract top-tier talent and the world's most pioneering brands. Furthering its commitment to meaningful community engagement, Foundever also launched in 2023. This private operating foundation dedicates itself to enhancing skills in underprivileged communities.

Earlier this year, formed a strategic partnership with Carerha, an EdTech platform based in Egypt that is committed to the economic empowerment of women and promoting inclusivity in the workplace.

This particular initiative is focused on a language upskilling and career readiness program for 100 women from distressed communities in Egypt, offering a learning path that aims to lead to employment.

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