Everything you need to know about Ramadan 2017 TV

Nahed Nasr, Saturday 20 May 2017

Ahram Online brings to you the list of television series to be aired during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan on a variety of channels available in Egypt and the region

Ramadan series

Afareet Adly Allam (The Demons Of Adly Allam)

Genre: Drama, comedy
Director: Ramy Emam
Writer: Youssef Maaty
Starring: Adel Imam, Hala Sedki, Ghada Adel, Kamal Abu Raya, Ahmed Halawa, Rashwan Tawfek
Channels: MBC Masr

Ragab is an intellectual man who is fond of reading. When he contributes to a newspaper under a pseudonym his articles gain popularity. However, his views and ideas bring trouble to the newspaper's board. What will he do?

Kafr Dahab

Genre: Mystery
Director: Ahmed Nader Galal
Writer: Youssef El-Sherif (Idea), Amr Samir Atef
Starring: Youssef El-Sherif, Rojina, Mohamed Abo Elwafa, Rehab Arafa, Rania Elkhatib
Channels: ON E

A small peaceful village Kafr Dahab faces new challenges when Saad, a stranger and doctor, stays there, using magic, sorcery, and spirits to treat its inhabitants. Will it be for the good?

Wahat Al-Ghoroub (Sunset Oasis)

Genre: Drama
Director: Kamla Abou Zekri
Writer: Bahaa Taher (writer) Mariam Naoum (script)
Starring: Khaled El Nabawy, Menna Shalabym, Manzer Reyahnam, Khaled Kamal, Salwa Mohamed Ali
Channels: DMC

Mahmoud Abdel Zaher is a police officer who was forced to move to Siwa Oasis because of his rebellious ideas following Jamāl Al-Dīn Al-Afghānī, political activist and Islamic ideologist during the late 19th century. In the far oasis his foreign wife, Kathrin, becomes fond of Egyptian heritage. Here emerges a dialogue between past and present, East and West.

Wahat Al-Ghoroub is an adaptation of a novel of the same name by Egyptian novelist Bahaa Taher. The novel won the International Prize for Arabic Fiction ("The Arab Booker") in 2008.

Wahat Al Ghoroub
Wahat Al Ghoroub
Photo: Still from the trailer of Wahat Al Ghoroub (Sunset Oasis)

Asham Ebelis (Devilish Wish)

Genre: Drama
Director: Islam Khairy
Writer: Tamer Ibrahim
Starring: Amr Youssef, Mariam Hassan, Noha Abdin, Khaled Kamal, Dina El-Sherbiny, Reem Mostafa
Channels: MBC Masr

Marawan is a cosmetic doctor who owns several private clinics where his close friend is helping him run his business. Suddenly he has an accident and loses his memory. Is it really an accident or a conspiracy?

El-Zibak (The Mercury)

Genre: Drama, action, comedy
Director: Wael Abdallah
Writer: Wael Abdallah, Walid Youssef
Starring: Karim Abdelaziz, Sherif Mounir, Tamim Abdou, Salwa Othman, Dina Mohsen
Channels: ON E

Based on a real story taken from Egyptian Intelligence Service files, and which took place between 1989 and 2003. Omar is a camera technician who is recruited by the Egyptian Intelligence Service for a mission. Will he succeed?

Khalsana Be Shiaka (Ending So Fancily)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Hisham Fathy
Writer: Ahmed Mohey, Farouk Hashim
Starring: Ahmed Mekky, Chico, Hesham Maged, Hesen Abo Hagag, Dina El-Sherbiny, Malak Koura
Channels: DMC

The series is divided into two parts. The first is about the relationship between men and women. Kono, Houras, and Bacteria are three harebrained and reckless young men who live in a suburb. They encounter much trouble as they push to create more of themselves. The second part of the series is about a third world war that takes place and finishes off mankind.

Photo: still from the trailer of El-Zibak (The Mercury)

Lam'yy El Ott (Lam'yy The Cat)

Genre: Drama, comedy
Director: Amr Arafa
Writer: Hazem El-Hadidi
Starring: Mohamed Emam, Mostafa Abo Seria, Lamiaa El-Amir, Omar Mustafa Metwally, Mohamed Sallam, Hassan Hosny
Channels: MBC MASR

A private school bus driver faces a parent who hijacks the bus, kidnaps the children, and asks for a huge ransom. How will he end the crisis?

Ard Gaw (Ground, Air)

Genre: Thriller
Director: Mohamed Gomaa
Writer: Mohamed Abdelmoati
Starring: Ghada Abdelrazek, Ahmad Al-Awadi, Mohamed Karimm, Bassam Ali, Ahmed Abdel Wareth, Youssef Othman
Channels: ON E 

A flight attendant faces a critical situation and decides to take revenge. Meanwhile, she was accused of hijacking an aircraft. She tries to prove that she's innocent. Is she?

Allahoma Eny Saaem (My God, I'm Fasting)

Genre: Drama
Director: Akram Farid
Writer: Ahmed Abdel Fattah
Starring: Mostafa Shaban, Reem Mostafa, Magda Zaki, Wafaa Sadik, May Nour El-Sherif, Mohamed Abo Elwafa
Channels: MBC Masr

A fraudster disguises himself to cheat as many businessmen as he can with the help of his wife. Both of them are chased by the police.

Allahoma Eny Saaem
Allahoma Eny Saaem
Photo: still from the trailer of Allahoma Eny Saaem (My God, I'm Fasting)

La Totfee Al-Shams (The Sun Will Never Set)

Genre: Drama
Director: Mohamed Shaker Khodeir
Writer: Ehsan Abd El Kodos (Writer) Tamer Habib (Script)
Starring: Mervat Amin, Amina Khalil, Ahmed Dawood, Sherein Reda, Jamila awad, Fathy Abdel Wahab
Channels: CBC

A family falls apart after the father's death; the elder son takes charge of the house but the younger brother refuses to follow while their sister falls in love and gets married to an older man. How will this family end up?

The Sun Will Never Set is an adaptation of a novel of the same name by Egyptian novelist Ehsan Abd El-Kodos. A cinematic adaptation of the same novel with the same name was produced in 1961 by the late film director Salah Abu Seif.

Le Alaa Seaar (For The Highest Price)

Genre: Drama
Director: Mohamed Gamal El Adl
Writer: Medhat El-Adl
Starring: Nelly Kerim, Nabil El Halafawi, Ahmed Fahmy, Zeina Mohammed Alaa
Channels: DMC

A married couple seem to have a very happy and successful relationship to everyone, but a number of incidents lead to negative feelings that surface, transforming their relationship. Will it survive?

Ray`aah El-Madam (Comfort the Madam)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Kareem El-Adl
Writer: Tamer Ibrahim, Walaa Sherif
Starring: Ahmad Fahmy, Akram Hosni, Mai Omar, Ragaa El-Geddawy, Toni Maher
Channels: Alnahar TV

In separate but connected episodes, Sultan is an advertising director who always gets in trouble with his wife Dalia, and he can not reach any kind of compromise. Bahgat, his close friend, is the only one who helps him to find solutions to his marital problems. How will the interference of Bahgat influence the couple? 

For The Highest Price
For The Highest Price
Photo: Still from the trailer of Le Alaa Seaar (For The Highest Price)

El-Jamaah (The Brotherhood) Part 2

Genre: Historical d-ama
Director: Sherif El Bendary
Writer: Waheed Hamed
Starring: Sabreen, Ahmed Azmy, Mohamed Fahim, Abdelaziz Makhyoun, Nedal El Shafey, Eyad Nassar
Channels: ON E

El-Jamaah introduces the history of the Muslim Brotherhood Group after the era of Hassan El-Banna, founder of the group, and during the regime of Gamal Abdel Nasser, where both of Hassan El-Houdaiby and Sayyid Qutb took over power.

Kalabsh (Cuffs)

Genre: Drama, Action, Thriller
Director: Peter Mimi
Writer: Baher Dwedar
Starring: Amir Karara, Mahmoud El Bezawy, Ahmad Salaama, Wael Abdel Aziz, Sarah Nakhlah, Diab
Channels: AlHayah TV, CBC, Al Kahera Walnas, Egyptian TV 

A policeman faces trouble that threatens his career. Will he be able to protect his career and to clear his reputation, or are all the accusations against him true? The series is an adaptation of a novel by the Egyptian novelist Youssef Hassan Youssef.

Fi El-Lala Land (In Lala Land)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Ahmed El Gendy
Writer: Mostafa Sakr, Mohamed Ezzeldin
Starring: Donia Samir Ghanem, Mohamed Sallam, Samir Ghanem, Hana El-Zahed, Hamdy Al-Merghany
Channels: CBC

A group of Egyptian young people are heading to China but the aircraft engine fails, so the plane goes to an island in Thailand instead. They do their best to get out of the isolated island, but will they make it?

Destiny's Gift
Photo: still from the trailer of Taket El-Kadr (Destiny's Gift)

The Family of Haha

Genre: Comedy
Director: Raed Labib
Writer: Talaat Zakareia
Starring: Talaat Zakareia, Nadia Al-Iraqiya, Badreya Tolba, Umaima Talaat Zakaria, Hassan Al-Araby, Omar Talaat Zakria
Channels: TBA

Haha is a unemployed father who fails in every kind of business or project and this leads his family (wife, mother, and three daughters) through ongoing suffering. Will they help him or will the family fall apart?

Harbana Menha (She Is Nuts)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Moataz El-Tony
Writer: Khaled Galal, Farouk hashim
Starring: Yasmin Abdulaziz, Mostafa Khater, Samy Maghawry, Fadya Abdel Ghany, Ali Rabee, Salah Abdallah
Channels: ON E

Thirty social family problems are represented in 30 separated episodes where a woman is the main character who solves the problem. The series stresses the importance of Egyptian social traditions.

Halawet El-Donia (The Sweetness of Life)

Genre: Drama
Director: Hussien El-Menbawy
Writer: Enjy Al Kasem, Samaa Abdel Khalek
Starring: Hend Sabry, Dhaffer L'Abidine, Hanan Motawie, Anouchka, Ragaa El-Geddawy, Ahmed Hatem
Channels: CBC

Amina discovers only few days before her wedding that she has cancer. The revelation turns her life plans upside down. She starts to review her relationships with everyone, including her sister. Will she regain trust in her family and friends, or will she find it was an illusion?

Ramadan Kareem
Ramadan Kareem
Photo: Still from the trailer of Ramadan Kareem (Blessed Ramadan)

Taket El-Kadr (Destiny's Gift)

Genre: Drama
Director: Mohamed Mostafa
Writer: Ahmed Mahmoud Abou Zeid
Starring: Hamada Helal, Mai El-Kady, Hagag Abdel Azim, Edward, Sahar El-Sayegh, Hanan Soliman
Channels: Al-Nahar TV, Sada El-Balad

A young man from a poor neighbourhood has a dream of changing his life, but he refuses to be tempted into illegal business. Will he achieve his goals and and win the heart of his beloved?

Wadaa Amni (Security Business)

Genre: Drama
Director: Magdi Ahmed Ali
Writer: Mustafa Hamdi
Starring: Amr Saad, Rania Mansour, Ryad El-Kholy, Noha Saleh, Reham Haggag, Emmy
Channels: ON E, Sada El-Balad

Hassan Al-Gharib, an employee at the Ministry of Antiquities, is tempted by bribery and the theft of antiquities, but turns hostile and armed. To whom will he direct his bullets?

Ramadan Kareem (Blessed Ramadan)

Genre: Drama
Director: Sameh Abdelaziz
Writer: Ahmed Abdullah
Starring: Ruby, Mohamed Lotfy, Reham Abdelghafour, Mahmoud El-Gendy, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Salwa Othman
Channels: DMC

A young woman from a poor suburb pretends that she is from a rich family to marry a rich man.

Payback Binds Us
Payback Binds Us
Photo: Still from the trailer of El-Hesab Yegmaa (Payback Binds Us)

El-Hesab Yegmaa (Payback Binds Us)

Genre: Drama
Director: Hani Khalifa
Writer: Mohammad Ragaa
Starring: Yousra, Karim Fahmy, Nada Moussa, Eman El-Assy, Boussy, Hany Kandil
Channels: DMC

A poor woman becomes a house maid before she is able to start her own business opening a housemaids office. During her new work she discovers many illegal practices inside her clients' homes.

Zel El-Raees (The President's Shadow)

Genre: Thriller
Director: Ahmed Samir Farag
Writer: Remon Magar
Starring: Yasser Galal, Ezzat Abo Ouf, Mahmoud Fares, Ola Ghanem, Mahmoud Abdelmoghni, Hana Shiha
Channels: Al-Nahar TV, Egyptian TV

On political life and the presidency in Egypt prior to the January 25 Revolution.

Al-Halal (Religiously Right)

Genre: Drama
Director: Ahmed Shafik
Writer: Samah El-Hariry
Starring: Somaya El-Khashab, Yousra El-Lozy, Bayoumi Fouad, Dina Fouad, Maha Ahmed, Caroline Azmy
Channels: MBC Masr

A lady from a poor suburb gets involved in the business of jugglers and sorcerers to earn her living. A friend of hers who just returned from abroad changes her life.

Photo: Still from the trailer of Al-Dawly (The International)

Al-Herbaya (The Chameleon)

Genre: Drama
Director: Mariam Ahmady
Writer: Akrm Mostafa
Starring: Haifa Wahby, Khaled Kamal, Rehab El-Gamal, Dina, Manzer Reyahna, Maryim Said Saleh
Channels: Al-Nahar TV

Asalya is a beautiful young woman who lives with her sister who forces her to work as a housemaid. She falls in love with a thug. However, a rich man falls for her. Is there any winner?

Al-Dawly (The International)

Genre: Drama
Director: Mohamed Nukaly
Writer: Nasser Abdel Rahman
Starring: Bassem Samra, Rania Youssef, Ahmed Wafik, Zaki Fateen Abdel Wahab, Sahar El-Sayegh, Sherif Baher
Channels: Al Hayat TV, Sada El-Balad,

Al-Dawly is a truck driver who transports goods on international roads from one country to the other. What happens to him reveals not only the conditions of truck drivers, but of the places he passes as well.

30 Youm (30 days)

Genre: Drama
Director: Hossam Ali
Writer: Mustafa Jamal Hashim
Starring: Asser Yassine, Basel Khayat, Walid Fawwaz, Nourhan Ahmed, Khaled Saleh, Ahmed Azmy
Channels: DMC

A psychiatrist is suspicious of one of his clients, so he tracks him on daily bases for 30 days. What will he discover?

Al Herbaya
Al Herbaya
Photo: still from the trailer of Al Herbaya (The Chameleon)

El-Hala Geem (Case C)

Genre: Thriller
Director: Hussein Shawkat
Writer: Fayez Rashwan
Starring: Horeya Farghaly, Ahmed Zaher, Tarek Abdel Aziz, Ali Eltayeb, Tharaa Goubail, Rania Shaheen
Channels: Al Hayat TV, Egyptian TV

A police officer who tries to unveil a mysterious crime gets involved in a relationship with a high ranked female worker in a hospital. What for?

Taket Nour (A Spotlight)

Genre: Action
Director: Raouf Abd El Aziz
Writer: Hassan Dahshan
Starring: Hany Salama, Mais Hamdan, Hanan Motawie, Ashraf Meslehi, Walid Fawwaz, Nedal Nejem
Channels: ON E

Leel Abdel Salam is a serial killer who works for prestigious businessmen. Many stories are exposed to him in the hidden world of crime, but the story of his wife is the most mysterious.

Haza Al Masaa (This Evening)

Genre: Drama
Director: Tamer Mohsen
Writer: Tamer Mohsen
Starring: Mohamed Farrag, Arwa Gouda, Ahmed Dawood, Samar Morsi, Hanan Motawie, Eyad Nassar
Channels: CBC

A husband and his wife get bored out of their life routine. Instead of reaching reconciliation, each starts to go in their own direction. Will they rediscover life away from each other?

El-Hala Geem
El-Hala Geem
Photo: still from the trailer of El-Hala Geem (Case C)

Kasr El-Oshak (The Palace Of Lovers)

Genre: Drama
Director: Ahmed Sakr
Writer: Mohammed ElHenawi
Starring: Ezzat El-Alaily, Sohier Ramzy, Poussy, Farouk El-Feshawi, Khaled Zaky, Susan Negm Eldein
Channels: Al-Nahar TV, Egyptian TV

During his time in prison, a political prisoner gets close to the officer who is in charge of the prison. This relationship opens his eyes to new views and ideas in a way that changes both of them.

El-Hosan El-Aswad (The Black Horse)

Genre: drama, action
Director: Ahmed Khaled Mousa
Writer: Mohamed Soliman Abdel Malek
Starting: Ahmed El Sakka, Ashraf Zaki, Engy Khattab, MohAmed Aly Rezk, Mahmoud Hegazy
Channels: MBC Masr

Fares is not able to cope with his present so he finds himself in a time machine-like game that takes him to his past. Between the two worlds a lot of surprises and sudden incidents will change his directions.

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