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Art Agenda: 16-30 November

Cairo's galleries are hosting a number of dynamic art shows for the remainder of this month, showcasing works by contemporary artists and masters of modern Egyptian art alike

Ahram Online, Saturday 16 Nov 2013
Artwork by Amre Heiba. (Photo: courtesy of Mashrabia Gallery)
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Views: 5458

This month, art spaces in Cairo are hosting an assortment of exhibitions showcasing artwork from the start of the 20th century up to the present.

Egyptian Masters (1900-1940) at ArtTalks

Zamalek's ArtTalks Gallery is currently hosting an exhibition of rare artworks by key figures in modern Egyptian art representing the artistic movements that emerged in the first half of the 20th century. On display are works by Mahmoud Said, Mahmoud Mokhtar, Ragheb Ayad, Adham Wanly, Seif Wanly, Margaret Nakhla, Yousef Kamel, Ramses Younan and Fouad Kamel, on loan to ArtTalks from private collections. Read more here.

Exhibition runs until 20 November.
8 Al-Kamel Mohamed Street, Zamalek, Cairo


The Children of Port Said 1956/2013 at Darb 1718

Artwork by Bassem Samir. (Photo: courtesy of the artist and Safarkhan Gallery)

In 1956, following the Tripartite Aggression, two art teachers, Mohamed Labib and Seddika Hassanein, held an art therapy workshop for children in Port Said, an experience that yielded impressive art work.

The art therapy workshop was revived by RAWI magazine and Labib and Hassanein's son Tarek, and Port Said's children were once again invited to use art for expression. "The exhibition chronicles three turbulent years in Egypt through the eyes of children who live in the city that has possibly suffered the most," reads the curatorial statement. The exhibition, running for only one week at Darb 1718, will present artwork from both workshops.

Exhibition opens 16 November and runs until 22 November.
Qasr Al-Shamee Street, Al-Fakhareen – Old Cairo
(Behind the Hanging Church and Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque)


From Verdi's Villa to Cairo at Italian Cultural Centre

Artwork by Mona El-Bayoumi. (Photo: courtesy of Picasso Art Gallery)

'From Verdi's villa to Cairo, a journey never completed' is a compilation of photographs by artist Sandro Vannini revealing fragments from Verdi's life in Sant'Agata, along with many documents describing the composer's work on opera Aida. Correspondence between the composer, his assistant, and the author of Aida's Libretto comprises part of the exhibition. The collection also includes photographs of drawings depicting Aida rehearsals, highlighting interesting moments within production and certain characters from the opera.

Exhibition runs until 24 November.
Italian Cultural Centre, 3, Al-Sheikf Al-Marsafi Street (in front of Beano's cafe), Zamalek.


O.M.G.: Bassem Samir at Safarkhan Art Gallery

Artwork by Hazem Taha Hussein. (Photo: courtesy of Al Masar Gallery)

This multi-media exhibition by emerging artist Bassem Samir is the product of years of observing Egyptian society and its transformation. Combining a mixture of conceptual photography, installation, music, video and other elements, Samir attempts to capture the state of chaos he believes Egypt to be in today. "The concept behind the works is a blend of the current revolutionary, political, and social state with a phenomenal ancient history that is long forgotten," the artist's statement reads. Read Ahram Online's review of the exhibition here.

Exhibition opens 5 November and runs until 27 November.
6 Brazil Street, Zamalek, Cairo.


No Thank You, We Don't Want It: Mona El-Bayoumi at Picasso Art Gallery

Artwork by Sami Aboul Azm. (Photo: courtesy of The Art Lounge)

A solo exhibit featuring paintings by Mona El-Bayoumi runs until the end of November at the Picasso Art Gallery. The exhibit sets out to showcase the artist's interpretation of the role of Western forces in Egypt in the past three decades. Symbolism drawing on Egypt's pharaonic heritage and a vibrant palette will be employed to illustrate the Egyptian people's yearning for freedom and independence, according to the curatorial text.

Exhibition runs until 29 November.
30 Hassan Assem Street, off Brazil Street, Zamalek, Cairo


The Mirage II: Hazem Taha Hussein at Al Masar Gallery

Artwork by Amre Heiba. (Photo: courtesy of Mashrabia Gallery)

The Mirage II presents the latest collection of works by artist Hazem Taha Hussein. Recognisable for his layering of geometric Islamic motifs over abstract figures, Hussein adds text to some of his paintings to address recent changes in the country's political landscape.

Exhibition opens 10 November and runs until 3 December.
Baehler's Mansion 157b, 26 July Street, Zamalek, Cairo.


Fifth Generation: Collective Exhibition at The Art Lounge

Artwork by Fady Galal. (Photo: Kalb Balady)

Contemporary artists Essam Darwich, Hamdi Attia, Ibrahim El-Dessouki, Sami Aboul Azm and Kareem El-Qurity will showcase their latest artworks in a group exhibition opening 10 November at The Art Lounge.

Exhibition opens 10 November and runs until 3 December.
Baehler's Mansion 157b, 26 July Street, Zamalek, Cairo.

Sweet Dreams: Amre Heiba at Mashrabia Gallery

Artwork by Gamal El-Sagini. (Photo: courtesy of Zamalek Art Gallery)

In a solo exhibition opening 17 November at the Mashrabia Gallery in downtown Cairo, contemporary artist Amre Heiba showcases a selection of paintings produced between 2009 and 2013. The artist uses art to react to his observations of public life and express his private reflections. This collection features large scale oil paintings mostly depicting abstract figures in strong, raw colour. To the artist, painting is a medium through which he can capture his thoughts, feelings and dreams, according to his artist statement.

Exhibition opens 17 November and runs until 9 December.
8 Champollion Street, Downtown, Cairo.


Brain Damage: Collective Exhibition at Darb 1718

Photos by Sandro Vannini capturing archival drawings created during the Milan rehearsals for Verdi's opera 'Aida' in 1872. (Photo: from the exhibition of Vannini's photographs, which took place at the Cairo Opera House in October - by Ati Metwaly)

A collective exhibition entitled Brain Damage opens Saturday 16 November at the Darb 1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Center. The show features artwork by a group of emerging artists (Amro Okacha, Fady Galal, Fajr Soliman, Ghadir Wagdy, Haytham Sherif, Maghraffiti, Mohamed Khaled, and Razan Saeed)working under the umbrella of Wust el Balad Studion, an art incubator born after the 2011 revolution to support young artists.

Its curatorial statement says that the exhibition will tackle "the crippling effects of years of neglect of the Egyptian education system on society’s ability to think properly and progressively with regards to human development and to the status of women."

Exhibition opens 16 November at and runs until 15 December.
Qasr Al-Shamee Street, Al-Fakhareen – Old Cairo
(Behind the Hanging Church and Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque)


Gamal El-Sagini at Zamalek Art Gallery

(Photo: Al RAWI - Egypt's Heritage Review)

Works by one of Egypt's most prominent sculptors, Gamal El-Sagini (1917-1977) will be showcased at the Zamalek Art Gallery starting 17 November. El-Sagini pioneered a movement of expressionism in modern Egyptian sculpture.

Exhibition opens 17 November and runs until 11 December.
6 Brazil Street, Zamalek, Cairo


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