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Ahram Online, Sunday 1 Dec 2013

Ahram Online recommends short films from 'Women in the New Egypt' project, 'Yalaan Bu El Fosfate' (Tunisia 2012) and 'Salvo' (Italy, France 2013)


'Women in the New Egypt': Short Films

Bahiya, by Mavie Maher, is an introspective look at the turmoil one teacher goes through after one of her students dies in a violent attack. Mina Magdy's Ibn Bnoot (Male Virgin) is a dark comedy exploring how life in Egypt would change if social roles were reversed, giving women authority over men. Virtual by Nada Riyadh follows a day in the life of an activist lawyer specialising in a number of labour cases, focusing on the lawyer's Facebook posts. Shady El-Hakim's Masreya (Egyptian) dives into the lives of modern day women in different situations against the backdrop of the lives of women in ancient Egypt, while Sondos Shabayek's El-Bent (The Girl) follows an Egyptian female in an Egyptian street, focusing on how she deals with the looks and comments thrown her way.

Monday, 2 December, at 6pm Galaxy Cinema, 67 Abd El-Aziz Al-Saud Street, El-Manial

Yalaan Bu El Fosfate (Cursed Be The Phosphate) (Tunisia 2012)


Yalaan Bu El Fosfate details a revolt carried out by inhabitants of a Tunisian company town dependent on phosphate extraction against unsafe working conditions and government-supported corruption. The response from the Ben Ali regime was brutal, yet the Gafsa region temporarily withstood months of onslaught. Though inevitably unsuccessful and later eclipsed by the events of 2011, the uprising exposed cracks in the dictatorship’s unassailability, paving the way for the 2011 Tunisian revolution.

Monday 2 December, 1pm at City Stars Cinema, Omar Ibn El-Khattab Street, Nasr City

Read more on the film, watch its trailer and its screening times here.

Salvo (Italy, France 2013)


A henchman for the Sicilian Mafia, Salvo, is solitary, cold and ruthless. When he sneaks into a house to eliminate someone from a rival Mafia clan, he discovers Rita, a young blind girl who powerlessly stands by while her brother is assassinated. When Salvo decides to spare her life, something extraordinary happens. From then on, these two beings - both haunted by the world they belong to - are linked together forever.

Monday 2 December, 9.30pm at Plaza Cinema, Americana Plaza Mall, Sheikh Zayed

Read more on the film, watch its trailer and its screening times here.


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