Ramadan 2015: Egyptian TV series scriptwriters take the limelight

Ahram Online , Wednesday 17 Jun 2015

Neera Sadiqa
(Photo: still from the first episode of Neeran Sadiqa)

Famous actors have been the stars of Egyptian drama for decades. But scriptwriters are now challenging this idea and proving their worth.

In the past few years, many talented scriptwriters have taken the limelight, and rebelled against traditional elements of drama to produce unique work.

Scriptwriter Mohamed Amin Rady comes on the top of this list. Introducing himself to the audience for the first time in Neeran Sadiqa (Friendly Fire), Rady was able to show his talent and build a base of fans.

Rady’s most recent series El-A’ahd (The Pact), which depicts a struggle for power in a village ruled by women, is scheduled to be aired in Ramadan of this year. The series stars Ghada Adel, Kinda Alloush, Shereen Reda and Aser Yasin.

Hala El-Zendy, the scriptwriter who worked last year with Mariam Naoum in Segn El-Nesa (Women’s Prison), will present another series this year, El-Kabous (The Nightmare). Staring Ghada Abdel-Razek, the series follows the story of a woman who owns a plastic recycling factory.

For the third time, Mariam Naoum joins actress Nelly Karim in a new series, Taht El-Saytara (Under Control), after the success of their previous series Segn El-Nesa and Zat. El-Saytara discusses community responses to former drug addicts, who struggle for acceptance.


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