Brazilian TV star Sergio 'Ramses II' Marone to visit Egypt, promote tourism

Ahram Online , Thursday 10 Dec 2015

'If Egypt does not come to Ramses, Ramses has to go to Egypt,' Brazilian star Sergio Marone posted on his Instagram page

Sergio Marone
In the last days of The Ten Commandments soap opera shooting, Brazilian TV star Sergio Marone posts his picture as Ramses II on Instagram (Photo: Sergio Marone Instagram)

In efforts to boost tourism in Egypt, the Egyptian Tourism Authority has invited the Brazilian TV star Sergio Marone to tour several spots in the country, including Sharm El Sheikh, Luxor and Aswan, MENA news agency announced this week.

The visit is planned to take place between 15 and 20 December.

MENA adds that the tour will be filmed and will air on a number of Brazilian media channels in hopes of attracting visitors from Latin America to Egypt. Marone also has a large fan base in the US.

Born in 1981 in São Paulo, the Brazilian actor and producer rose to prominence as the star of a series of soap operas.

Most recently he starred in The Ten Commandments (Os Dez Mandamentos), a Brazilian soap opera that includes over 150 episodes produced by the Rede Record de Televisão (Record), the second most popular television network in Brazil.

The series is loosely based on a biblical story and is set in large part in Ancient Egypt, with visuals and costumes reflecting that era. Marone plays the role of Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II.

The soap opera became one of the biggest television hits in the past months, mostly due to its extravagant visuals and a family-friendly script written by Vivian Araujo.

"Since its debut in March, The Ten Commandments has attracted about three times as many viewers as Record’s previous prime-time offerings," The Guardian reported in May 2015.

On 9 December, Marone posted a copy of his newly issued visa to Egypt on Instagram, where he has 360,000 followers. He comments on the photo: "Visa in Hand. If Egypt does not come to Ramses, Ramses has to go to Egypt." He then thanks his executive producer Livian Valias for helping him "realise this dream."

Sergio Marone posts his visa to Egypt on Instagram (Photo: Sergio Marone passport)

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