A guide to Egypt's radio series and programmes during Ramadan 2016

Nahed Nasr, Wednesday 8 Jun 2016

Ahram Online brings you a selection of radio programmes you can listen to when stuck in traffic during Ramadan rush hours


With television series taking over peoples' attention at home, Egypt’s radio channels also offer a large variety of talk shows, series and other programmes. Like every year, many of these programmes bring together many renowned figures, from television and cinema stars to well-known presenters.

This year, radio listeners will be able to hear the voices of stars such as Samir Ghanem, Mahmoud Hemida, Dalal Abdel Aziz, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Mohammed Henedi, Ahmed Helmy, among many others. A number of media figures and writers such as Ibrahim Eissa, Omar Taher, and Sherif Madkour will also take their share of the radio waves. Even chef Sherbini, one of the famous chefs known for television programmes, has his own radio segment.

Below is a selection of radio series -- and the radio station it will play on -- that will be aired during the hours when you are returning home from work, in the car or on public transport.

Radio Series

Who is there (Meen Maaya)

Genre: Comedy, suspense
Starring: Ahmed Helmy and Donia Samir Ghanem
Writer: Alaa Khalaf
Director: Magdy El Kadsh
Storyline: Yousef is an isolated and self-centred novelist who has difficulties getting out of his bubble when a female lawyer appears to change his life forever, yet not necessarily for the better.

Radio channel:
Nagham FM and Shaaby FM at 3:15pm

El Bernameg El Aam at 3:15pm
Mega FM at 3:45pm
Radio Hits at 4:30pm

Sika Band (Ferket Sika)

Genre: Comedy
Starring: Hassan Al Radad, Emmy Samir Ghanem, Ezzat Abu Aouf, Ahmed Rateb, and Mimi Gamal
Writer: Ahmed Darwish
Director: Ibrahim Hussein
Storyline: A young lady, a fresh graduate from the Theatre Academy, has a job in a school as a supervisor of theatre activity, but she faces many problems in her career. Will she give up?

Radio channel:
Nogoum FM at 3:30pm

Lost and Found (Tahet we Laainaha)

Genre: Comedy
Starring: Ali Rabee, Hassan Hosny, Farouk Falawkas, May Kassab, and Enaam Salosa
Writer: Ibrahim Mohsen, Mohammed Mehrez, and Mahmoud Hemdan
Director: Hussin Ibrahim
Storyline: A young man does not succeed in any of his projects. He even fails in his attempts to commit suicide. He then finds a job in a factory where he is accused of being involved in the disappearance of his boss’ daughter.

Radio channel:
Nogoum FM at 4pm

Tora Bora
(Photo: part of the promotional material of Tora Bora)

The Mission Sahlala (El Amaliya Sahlala)

Genre: Comedy
Starring: Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and Lotfi Labib
Writer: Mohammed Hamdy and Ahmed Mohey
Director: Ehab Mounir
Storyline: An ambitious singer owns a nightclub on Mohammed Ali street where he hopes to become a star. However, the high position of his twin brother changes his fate completely.

Radio channel:
Radio 9090 at 5pm

Fattota Boot

Genre: comedy, quiz
Starring: Samir Ghanem, Amro Abdel Aziz
Writer: Ahmed Darwish
Director: Wael Fahmy Abdel Hamid
Storyline: A modern adaption of Fatoota, a famous 1980s television quiz that aired for 20 years.

Radio channel:
Radio 9090 at 5:30pm

Free Wrestling (Monakra Horra)

Genre: Social comedy
Starring: Samir Ghanem, Dalal Abdel Aziz
Writer: Yasser Badawy
Director: Ibrahim Hosny
Storyline: A look at the continual conflicts between a husband and wife from a humourous perspective. 

Radio channel:
Shaaby FM at 5pm

Photo: fragment from promotional material of radio series Fattota Boot

Seven Spins (El Sabaa Laffat)

Genre: Comedy
Starring: Mohamed Henedi, Hala Fakher, Ayten Amer
Writer: Hazem Metwally
Director: Tamer Hosny Ghoneim
Storyline: A young man falls in love with his neighbor. What is the price of winning her heart?

Radio channel:
Radio 9090 at 4pm

El Zanaty the Harmful (Mo’ozy El Zanaty)

Genre: Comedy
Starring: Hany Ramzy, Nashwa Mustafa
Writer: Hany Gamal Eldeen
Storyline: El Zanaty might be a young man with good intentions, but he finds himself in situations that constantly prove the opposite. 

Radio channel:
Nogoum FM at 5pm

The papers of Rasmeya (Awrak Rasmeya)

Genre: Social drama
Starring: Nabila Ebeid, Ahmed Zaher, Ashraf Abdel Ghafour, Rashwan Tawfik
Writer: Abdel Hamid Zaky
Director: Amgad Abu Talib
Storyline: A lady named Rasmeya moves from her small village to Cairo where she leads a difficult life. She meets an old man who forces her to marry him.

Radio channel:
Al-Qahira Al-Kobra, time TBA

The Mission Sahlala (El Amaliya Sahlala)
Photo: fragment from promotional material of radio series The Mission Sahlala (El Amaliya Sahlala)

Three Stars of the Radio (Tholathy Adwa'a El Radio)

Genre: Social comedy
Starring: Hamdy El Merghany, Karim Afifi, Mohammed Anwar
Writer: Mohammed Hamdy and Ahmed Mohey
Director: Sameh Sami
Storyline: Three comedians present different critical social issues in a light way.

Radio channel:
Radio 9090 at 4:45pm

Aunt Dawlat (Tant Dawlat) Season 11

Genre: Sitcom
Starring: Youssef El Husseini, Karim El Hamidi
Writer: Mahmoud Ezzat
Director: Haitham Haggag
Storyline: A presentation of different social issues through the relationship between Dawlat, her husband, and their maid. 

Radio channel:
Nogoum FM at 4pm

Ramadan Kareem Family (Eayilat Ramadan Kareem) 

Genre: Social comedy
Starring: Ashraf Abdel Baky, Maha Ahmed, Hassan Hosny
Writer: Walid Khairy
Director: Mohammed El Dandarawy
Storyline: The fading traditions of Ramadan and the relationship between generations are represented through a family with four kids.

Radio channel:
Shaaby FM at 4pm

Photo: fragment from the promotional material of radio programme Karika is Making a Hustle (Karika Amel Alabanda)

Tora Bora

Genre: Social comedy
Starring: Ahmed Ezz, Nikoul Saba
Writer: Ayman Salama
Director: Ali Mesilhy
Storyline: A young man who is eager to marry his girlfriend faces many financial problems.

Radio channel:
Shaaby FM at 4:15pm.

I Dream of Him (Bahlam Beeh)

Genre: Romantic comedy
Starring: Ahmed Rezk, Heba Magdy
Writer: Sahar Ghareeb
Director: Mohammed Hussein
Storyline: A love story between two different personalities who need to work on finding common ground to continue their relationship.

Radio channel:
Al Shar Al Awsat at 3pm

Behind the River (Ma Wara El Nahr)

Genre: Historical drama
Starring: Mahmoud Hemida, Ayda Reyad, Mahmoud El Hedini
Writer: Taha Hussein
Director: Mohamed Ali
Storyline: A small village in 1940 witnesses a conflict between the prince in his castle on the high hill and the villagers.

Radio channel:
El Bernameg El Aam, time TBA

Sweet and Light
Photo: fragment from promotional material of radio programme Sweet and Light (El Helw El Khafif)

Radio programmes:

Balak Enta (Tell you what)

Presenter: Isaad Younes
The idea: Isaad Younes shares her memories of television and radio content during the 1970s and the 1980s, years before the social media and internet era.

Radio channel:
Radio 9090 at 4:30pm

My Story is Told by Me (Serty Ala Lsany)

Presenter: Ibrahim Eissa
The idea: The prominent journalist and writer shares his own memories, shedding light on his personal life.

Radio channel:
Nogoum FM at 4:30pm

Sweet and Light (El Helw El Khafif)

Presenter: Sherif Madkour
The idea: Madkour, who rose to fame by presenting cooking and social programmes on TV, is bringing to radio listeners a list of sweet and light recipes and funny stories.

Radio Channel: Nogoum FM at 3:20pm

The Kitchen (Al Matbakh)

Presenter: Hala Fakher
The idea: Hala Fakher shares her experience in the kitchen in cooperation with chef Hassan Hassouna. They present a list of Iftar and Sohour recipes. 

Radio channel:
Radio 9090 at 1:45pm

The Building of El Hajj Ramadan (Emaret El Hajj Ramadan)

Presenter: Ahmed Youness
The idea: Youness, who gained his fame by telling horror stories on the radio, is using his talent by talking about the values of Ramadan in a different way.

Radio channel:
Radio 9090 at 3:30pm 

Saw God? (Shoft Rabbena)

Presenter: Omar Taher and Aziz Elshafi
The idea: Two young writers who are recognised by the young generation discuss spiritual issues in 15 minutes.

Radio channel:
Radio 9090 at 6:30pm.

Karika is Making a Hustle (Karika Amel Alabanda) 

Presenter: The singer Essam Karika
The idea: The singer and musician Essam Karika revisits and analyses – not without criticising – a list of famous songs starting from the 1990s until now in a light way.

Radio channel:
Shaabi FM at 5:50pm

With Chef Sherbini: (Maa El Chef Sherbini)

Presenter: Chef Sherbini
The idea: The well-known chef from television brings some of his recipes to the radio. The programme includes calls from the listeners.

Radio channel:
Shaabi FM at 3:45pm  

El Zanaty the Harmful (Mo’ozy El Zanaty)
Photo: fragment from promotional material of radio series El Zanaty the Harmful (Mo’ozy El Zanaty)

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