Everything you need to know about Ramadan 2019 television series

Donia Mounir, Thursday 2 May 2019

Ahram Online brings to you listings of television series to be aired during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan on a variety of channels available in Egypt and the region

Ramadan 2019


Genre: Thriller, action
Director: Khairy Salem
Writer: Baher Dewidar
Starring: Amir Karara, Essam El Saka, Nour Ehab, Ashraf Meselhi, Sarah Adel

After everything that Selim Al-Ansary (played by Amir Karaara) has been through, he finally decides to submit his resignation from his work at the Ministry of Interior. After profusely objecting to his decision, General Galal Khattab reluctantly accepts his resignation.

Selim now moves to co-found a security services company with Akram Safwaan (played by Hesham Selim). As co-founders, their minor management differences gradually start taking a serious downturn and their power struggle intensifies, threatening that the co-founders become enemies.

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Zelzal (Earthquake)

Genre: Action
Director: Ibrahim Fakhr
Writer: Abd El Rahim Kamal
Starring: Mohamed Ramadan, Hala Sheeha, Majed El Masry, Hanan Suliman, Mohamed Al-Hennawy
Channel: DMC, MBC1

In the "Year of the Earthquake -1992" in Egypt, a man's house gets demolished in the major tremor. The problem is that he had just finished paying his last installment for his purchased house and the seller had been delaying giving him his house deed for some time. The buyer sadly dies after the earthquake and his son is unable to prove his right to inherit the land on which the house was built.

The situation escalates further when the seller refuses to cooperate and provide the son with proof of ownership of the land, and it is further entangled with the love story that the seller discovers between his daughter and the son of the owner of the lost house.

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Genre: Drama, comedy
Director: Mahmoud Karim
Writer: Mohamed El-Shawaf
Starring: Amr Saad, Kamal Abu Raya, Hala Sedky, Hanadi Muhanna, Rana Raaees

The show tells the story of Baraka, a man coming from South Egypt who lives in Cairo with his mother. In time, he starts borrowing lots of money and gets into trouble with prominent people. His mother and his neighbour, who is also his lover, are the only ones who help him.

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Weld Al-Ghlaba

Genre: Drama
Director: Mohamed Samy
Writer: Ayman Salama
Starring: Ahmed El-Sakka, Mohamed Mamdouh, Engy Al-Moqaddem, Mai Omar, Hadi El-Gayar

An Upper Egyptian who lives on the border of poverty decides to earn an honest living by taking two jobs: a teacher at a public school during the day, and a taxi driver in the evening. Yet, through his struggle to make ends meet he falls into the pit of the drug trade.

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Shaqet Faisal (Faisal’s Apartment)

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Shereen Adel
Writer: Mohamed Salah Al-Azab
Starring: Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Ayten Amer, Salah Abdullah, Nesreen Amin, Wael Nour
Channel: MBC

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Genre: Drama
Director: Yasser Zaied
Writer: Tamer Abdelmonem
Starring: Mohamed Fouad, Hassan Youssef, Raghda, Tamer Abdelmonem, Madlyn Tabar.

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Lams Aktaf (Bumping Shoulders)

Genre: Action
Director: Huessin El-Menbawy
Writer: Hany Sarhan
Starring: Yasser Galal, Heba Abdelghany, Hanan Motawee, Donia, Samar Morsi, Mohamed Ezz

Adham (Yasser Galal) is a boxer who uses his physical robustness in criminal activities which drives him to repent and choose a good life in which he could enjoy peace and social stability. In order to achieve this life betterment, he has to stand up to the pressure of the mobsters that want to retain his illicit services.

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Genre: Action, comedy
Director: Shereen Adel
Writer: Mohamed Salah Al Azab
Starring: Mohamed Emam, Karim Mahmoud Abd El-Aziz, Asmaa Abou El-Yazeed, Abir Sabri

A young man who lives in a slum has been named "Hogan" by his neighbours who knew about his super strength abilities. They would see him moving cars with his bare hands, or twisting metal coins with his fingers or teeth, and he is a popular eater of glass. Hogan's popularity keeps rising to extend beyond his neighbourhood and into elite societies, at which point his life will never be the same again.

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Abu Gabal

Genre: Action, drama
Director: Ahmad Saleh
Writer: Mohamed Sayed Bashir
Starring: Mostafa Shaban, Mohamed Ali Rezq, Diab, Mahmoud El-Bezawy, Aisha Ben Ahmed

Abu-Gabal and his family live a life that puts a lot of stress on him. As a reaction to all the uncomfortable circumstances in which he lives with his family, he starts losing control over himself, which is when life becomes much tougher for him.

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Alamet Estefham (Question Mark)

Genre: Drama, action
Director: Samih El-Nakash
Writer: Eslam Hafez
Starring: Mohamed Ragab, Mirhan Huessin, Edward, Jihan Khalil, Nourhan, Eslam Hafez

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Fekra B Million Genih (A Million Pound Idea)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Wael Ehsan
Writer: Amin Gamal, Ibrahim Mohsen
Starring: Ali Rabie, Sabrin, Salah Abdullah, Sahar Al-Sayegh, Mayan El-Sayed, Karim Afify

Sayed is a man who lives a simple life with his family. One day, their lives change when he becomes a millionaire. The show follows Sayed as he tries to resolve several complicated issues that come up, all in a comedic sense.

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El-Princess Pessa

Genre: Comedy, drama
Director: Akram Farid
Writer: Mustafa Omar, Farouq Hashim
Starring: Mai Ezz-Eldin, Laila Ezz El-Arab, Mohamed Anwar, Hosam Dagher, Poussy, Amir El-Masry

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Hekayti (My Story)

Genre: Drama.
Director: Ahmed Samir Farag.
Writer: Mohamed Abdelmoati.
Starring: Yasmine Sabri, Ahmed Bedir, Maha Abou Ouf, Ahmed Halawa, Wafaa Amer.

The show follows Sabri, a young woman who's been suffering from trauma after her father died in front of her when she was young. She ends up moving away from her father's village due to family problems. The storyline then takes a romantic trajectory.

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Lakhr Nfs (Till The Last Breath)

Genre: Drama, thriller
Director: Hossam Ali
Writer: Amin Gamal, Tarek Al-Kashef
Starring: Yasmine Abdulaziz, Ahmad Al Awadi, Ahmed Salah Hosny, Murad Makram, Mohamed Ezz

A female engineer (played by Yasmine Abdel-Aziz) is married to a police officer and has a daughter and a son. Together they lead a family life that is unique to their different characters, and their day-to-day coping with life's events is as interesting as it is dramatic.

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Mamlaket Iblis (Iblis Kingdom)

Genre: Drama
Director: Ahmed Khaled Mousa
Writer: Mohamed Amin Rady
Starring: Rania Yousef, Ghada Adel, Eman El-Assy, Salwa Khattab, Ahmed Dawood

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Talqet Haz (Lucky shot)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Ahmed Khaled Amin
Writer: Ihab Blibl
Starring: Mostafa Khater, Ayten Amer, Mahmoud Hafez. Ahmed Maher, Enaam Salosa

The action-comedy follows a man who is having issues with his four siblings because of his wife. His wife, on the other hand, is trying to get him through his troubles.

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Badal Al-Hadouta Talata (Three Stories Instead of One)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Khaled El-Halafawy
Writer: Sherif Nagib, Ayman Uttar
Starring: Donia Samir Ghanem, Mohamed Otaka, Amr Wahba, Shaimaa Seif, Mohamed Sallam

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Zay El-Shams (Like The Sun)

Genre: Crime, thriller
Director: Kamla Abou Zekri
Writer: Mariam Naoum
Starring: Ahmed Dawood, Mariam El-Khosht, Laila Ezz El-Arab, Omar El-Saeed, Eva, Ahmed Malek
Channel: MBC Misr

The mystery show follows a lawyer, played by Dina, who’s brother is killed early on. As she looks for his murderer, fingers start to point to some of his closest friends.

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Super Mero

Genre: Comedy, fantasy
Director: Waleed El-Halfawy
Writer: Ahmed Mohy, Mohamed Hamdy
Starring: Amy Samir Ghanem, Hamdy Al Merghany, Mohammed Tharwat, Samir Ghanem, Ahmed Soltan

Amy portrays a super-heroine called Super Mero, who works as a journalist in a magazine.

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El-Wad Sayed El-Shahat

Genre: Comedy
Director: Ahmed El Gendy
Writer: Mostafa Sakr
Starring: Ahmad Fahmi, Hana Al Zahed, Mohamed Abd Al Rahman, Hesham Kadry, Mostafa Bassit

The series revolves around the story of a poor man marrying a rich girl and how people marvel at this marriage. During events, the man finds himself being chased for six million Egyptian pounds that were stolen and that he needs to get back.

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Ibn Osool (Decent Man)

Genre: Drama
Director: Mohamed Bakir
Writer: Ahmed Mahmoud Abu Zeid
Starring: Hamada Helal, Ayten Amer, Emad Rashad, Enass Kamel, Susan Negm Eldein

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Qamar Hadi (Calm Moon)

Genre: Thriller, drama
Director: Raouf Abd El-Aziz
Writer: Eslam Hafez
Starring: Hany Salama, Dalia Mostafa, Yousra El-Lozy, Hamza Al-Eily

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Genre: Thriller, crime.
Director: Karim El-Shenawy.
Writer: Mostafa Sakr, Ashraf Nasr.
Starring: Mohamed Mamdouh, Amina Khalil, Mohamed Farrag, Ali Al-Tayeb, Hosny Sheta.

This mystery show revolves around a murder and the police investigator who sets out in search of the culprit.

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Hadota Mora (Bitter Story)

Genre: Drama, tragedy
Director: Yasmine Ahmed
Writer: Amr Abd El-Halim
Starring: Ghada Abdelrazek, Ahmed Safwat, Abir Monir, Abdelrahman Abou Zahra, Ahmed Seyam

The story tells of a women who is going through a family crisis that threatens her future.

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El-Leeba (The Game)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Moataz El Tony
Writer: Fady Abou El Saud, Mohamed Salah Khattab
Starring: Hesham Maged, Chico, May Kassab, Ahmed Fathy, Mohammed Tharwat

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El-Zoga El-18 (The 18th Wife)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Mostafa Fekry
Writer: Mohamed Abou Al-Saad, Khaled Abu Bakr
Starring: Hassan Al-Raddad, Ghenwa Mahmoud, Malak Badawy, Salwa Khattab, Shaimaa Saif

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Mamlaket Elghgar (Kingdom of Gypsies)

Genre: Drama
Director: Abdul Aziz Hashad, Elprince Abdelall
Writer: Mohammed Gheity
Starring: Horeya Farghaly, Fifi Abdou, Sameh El-Soreity, Hazem Samir

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Ketf Qanuni (Legal Shoulder)

Genre: Drama
Director: Adel Alaasar
Writer: Fathy El-Gendy
Starring: Ahmad Bedir, Rana Samaha, Mohamed Nagaty, Alaa Zinhom, Sara Salama.

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