5 new films in Cairo's cinemas for Eid El-Fitr

Ahram Online , Thursday 30 May 2019

Al-Mamar, Hamlit Faraoun, Casablanca, Sabaa El-Boromba and Mohamed Hussein are five titles scheduled to be released across Egypt's cinemas in the coming Eid El-Fitr holiday

eid el fitr
Films of Eid El Fitr 2019

For Eid El-Fitr, Cairo cinemas will be showing five films.

Three of are action oriented: Al-Mamar featuring Ahmed Ezz, Hamlit Faraoun featuring Amr Saad, and Casablanca featuring Amir Karara. The two others are comedies: Sabaa El-Boromba with Ramez Galal and the film Mohamed Hussein with Mohamed Saad.

Al-Mamar (The Passage)
Director: Sherif Arafa
Starring: Ahmed Ezz, Hend Sabry, Ahmed Rezk, Asmaa Abo El-Yazeed, Eyad Nassar, Sherif Mounir.

This action film is set during the 1967 war between Egypt and Israel up until the War of Attrition. The film focuses on the army general named Nour and the journey of the soldiers.


Hamlit Faraoun (The Pharoah's Campaign)
Director: Raouf Abdelaziz
Starring: Amr Saad, Ruby, Mahmoud Abdelghany, Mohamed Lotfy, Mike Tyson.

The film follows Yehia, known in his neighbourhood as The Pharoah, who runs a network of assassins. He is forced to go to Syria to free his abducted girlfriend.


Director: Peter Mimi
Starring: Amir Karara, Ghada Adel, Khaled Argentish, Eyad Nassar, Amr Abdelgelil and Lebleba.

Casablanca follows three friends in a gang that pirates ships. They have a dangerous job against a mafia, and one of them betrays the gang for his own personal benefit and escapes to Morocco. The others seek revenge to settle the score.


Sabaa El-Boromba (The Courageous)
Director: Mahmoud Karim
Starring: Ramez Galal, Bayoumi Fouad, Mohamed Tharwat, Mohamed Abdelrahman, Gamila Awad.

In this comedy film, a man impersonates a police officer to win the heart of the woman he loves.


Mohamed Hussein
Director: Mohamed Ali
Starring: Mohamed Saad, May Selim, Dina Mohsen, Samir Sabry, Bayoumi Fouad, Mohamed Tharwat

This comedy film follows the titular character (Mohamed Saad) who is a driver working at a hotel. He gets entangled with a criminal gang, and is suspected of the murder of a famous artist. He goes on a search for the true killer to clear his name.

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