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Pro-social distancing ads by Egypt telecom companies see top views on YouTube

Launched with the beginning of Ramadan and featuring numerous Egyptian celebrities, the telecom companies' ads are among the most popular videos on YouTube

Reem Amr, Monday 4 May 2020
Ramadan ad
Views: 2206
Views: 2206

Every year, Egypt's leading companies, including telecom services, join Ramadan with new ads featuring Egyptian celebrities.

This year features not only famed actors, singers, and football players, the messages they send are linked to the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic.

Social distancing and the importance of staying at home are among the leading themes of ads released by the four telecom companies in Egypt.

It is this combination of celebrities and messages on how to cope with the current circumstances that brought all of those ads to the top-viewed videos on YouTube in Egypt.

Vodafone and a plethora of celebrities

Vodafone telecom company brings to us the biggest Egyptian celebrities encouraging us to cope with the coronavirus.

The video begins with the famous Egyptian football player Mohamed Salah playing football with his daughter Mekkah in the garden, before the camera rolls to Egyptian actress Mona Zaki enjoying her time with a number of children.

Meanwhile, actor Abdelrahman Abuzahra is playing crosswords with his grandson over a video chat confirming that family gatherings are unstoppable even during the pandemic.

The TV host and actress Essaad Younes is seen video chatting while drinking coffee, while Cairokee’s frontman Amir Eid and rising actress Amina Khalil are watching movies with friends over Skype.

Many other celebrities are featured, some shown celebrating the holy month of Ramadan with their families through online media while practicing self-isolation at home.

The song accompanying the ad is composed by Ihab Abdel-Wahed to lyrics by Abdel-Hamid Al-Habbak and sung by Shereen Abdel-Wahab.

Since the beginning of Ramadan, the ad has been among the most trending videos on YouTube, and has since received over 27 million views.

Ramadan ad

Orange stresses closeness despite the physical distance

The ad features Emirati singer Hussain Al-Jassmi singing a song that stresses social distancing and the need to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Yet, as the song lyrics indicate, despite the distances between us, there are many things that can bring us closer.

Al-Jassmi sings: “Even if there are long distances [between us], even if the days are bound to separate us, there are a thousand ways to show we care about each other.”

The video begins with a woman and her son communicating on phone video chat as she asks him when he is coming home. “Very soon” he replies.

“Who says that it always has to be handshakes when there are many people who feel deeply for us even if we’re far away,” the lyrics continue, stressing on the love and support we keep giving and receiving, especially during difficult times.

Towards the end of the video, the lyrics stress the necessity of gatherings, “We’re just awaiting a moment where we’re reunited with our loved ones.”

As we see people reuniting and hugging, we regain hope that coronavirus will end one day and that everything will return to normal.

The song is composed by Mahmoud El-Esseily to lyrics by Ayman Bahgat Qamar.

The ad has reached over 28 million views since its release.

Ramadan ad

Etisalat and the ‘it's alright’ message

The ad focuses on the perks of staying at home during the coronavirus during the holy month.

The ad features actor Ahmed Helmy reciting rhythmically words that express his comfort while staying at home.

As the video progresses and Helmy keeps saying “aadi, aadi” an Arabic expression indicating “it’s normal” or “it’s alright,” we find sarcasm in his words as he experiences a lot of challenges while locked at home.

However, though circumstances are not usual, Helmy faces them all with a lot of optimism, connects with the family through online tools and enjoys cooking, playing cards alone, but also rows the boat in the living room, or tries to go out but is stopped by a “crime scene” banner.

The ad is Helmy’s invitation to everyone to remain positive and take precautions yet also take things easy during the coronavirus pandemic.

The video is enriched with small graphics including those stating “don’t go outside” and “stay home.”

The video has reached 16 million views on YouTube.

Ramadan ad

WE telecom finds fun at home

The ad focuses on Egyptian actor Mustafa Khater singing a rap song whose words tackle battling the inability to go out. The song highlights the positive sides of staying at home.

During the ad, Khater is seen surrounded with his family as they amuse themselves with Instagram stories and filters using the hashtag #stayhome. 

Inside home, the family enjoys numerous fun activities: dancing while covered with blankets, jumping around, and playing video games. 

The lyrics say: “[It’s] not really any boredom, just playing around and competing.” 

While enjoying their time at home, the family also gathers together during Iftar.

So far, the video has reached 27.5 million views, becoming one of the most watched YouTube videos since the beginning of Ramadan.

Ramadan ad

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