Award-winning comedy Ramy, season 2, airing on OSN

Eslam Omar , Monday 15 Jun 2020

A spin around the journey of a young Muslim, season two of the comedy series Ramy is currently available in the Middle East on OSN


Touching upon a number of controversial topics, Egyptian-American actor and producer Ramy Youssef's second season of his Hulu show 'Ramy' is currently airing on OSN.

Tackling social, political and religious issues, Ramy revolves around an Egyptian Muslim immigrant family in New Jersey whereas Ramy who plays himself is a minefield of arguments hidden in hilarious, albeit emotional, situations.

Rated 18+ by OSN, the main plot of this semi-biographical series is written and co-produced by the 29-year-old stand-up comedian as a spin around the journey of an imperfect young Muslim who seeks purification through adhering to his religion's teachings but he keeps failing and causes disappointment for himself and others.

"It's about someone who is trying to be the higher version of himself," the creator of the series told the Paley Center on Friday adding that Ramy "is a show about faith... about somebody dealing with who they want to be and who they actually are. I think that gap is like an experience through faith and a lot of different things."


Throughout his journey, Ramy is exposed to awkward yet realistic situations that lead to controversial topics; like pornography, adultery, homosexuality and cousins' affairs, in addition to dealing with stereotypes about different communities like Muslims, Blacks, Arabs, Egyptians, Americans, and Jews, and highlighting political events like 9/11, the Iraq War and Egypt's revolution.

Season two seems to be intended to stir the attention of Middle East viewers after Youssef already hooked Western viewers with season one, winning the Golden Globe for best actor in a comedy or musical television series.

"This show is about a Muslim family but I think it's the kind of gap anyone is going through so he's figuring himself out -- which feels like the plot of almost anything -- but we obviously get really specific with how he's doing that," Youssef explained.


Ramy's cast includes many well-known Arab actors, such as Amr Waked (father Farouk), Hiam Abbas (mother Maysa) and May Calamawy (sister Dina), in addition to the frequent appearances of Rosaline Elbay and Shadi Alfons (cousins).

While Ramy's main theme is Longa 79, by known Egyptian composer Hani Shenouda, the music selection is a notable highlight of the show with various famous and less known Arab songs in each episode.

The Hulu production is currently available in the Middle East through Orbit Showtime Network (OSN); on their TV channels and streaming platforms.

Youssef initially gained fame in the US as a stand-up comedian with most of his jokes, same as his winning series, revolving around being a Muslim in the United States.

After he debuted on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Youssef played Nick at See Dad Run and appeared in season three of Mr. Robot with fellow Egyptian award winner Rami Malek of Bohemian Rhapsody before his hit launch of Ramy in April 2019.

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