Featuring known Syrian artists, Ramadan 2021 series '350 Grams' to be shot in UAE

Ahram Online , Sunday 31 Jan 2021

Shot in the United Arab Emirates, 350 Grams is a cooperation between IC Media and the Abu Dhabi Film Commission


The cast and crew of the upcoming Ramadan TV series “350 Grams” held a major press conference in the Emirati capital, Abu Dhabi, while following all precautionary measures approved by the United Arab Emirates.

The conference was attended by producer and director Eyad Al-Khazouz and the rest of the company’s administrative and technical team, the author Nadia Al-Ahmar, director Mohamed Lotfy, and the stars of the series.

Featuring a Syrian crew and cast, 350 Grams will be shot in the United Arab Emirates. 

Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Film Commission, Hans Fraiken, said that 350 Grams showcases complex characters embodied by some of the region’s brightest actors. “Our partnership with IC Media confirms Abu Dhabi’s position as an attractive destination for filming cinematic and television works.”

It is within the partners’ mission to bring together many Syrian actors and cinema crew members to this and upcoming film and television series productions.

350 Grams stars Abed Fahd, Salloum Haddad, Karen Rizkallah, as well as Khaled Najm, Mustafa Saad Al-Din, and Qasim Mansour

Al-Khazouz thanked the Abu Dhabi government for creating the appropriate atmosphere for filming the series and films in light of the difficult global circumstances.

In turn, the stars of the show expressed their thanks to the two producers, recalling their successes with them in a number of previous works, and assured that 350 Grams will be the most prominent television hit in Ramadan 2021.

Fahd talked about his role in the show saying: “The character of Noah is a famous lawyer known for being able to solve all cases. He plays with the law as he desires, but never crosses red lines such as trading in organs and weapons.”

He added that when Noah needs a heart transplant, things begin to take an unexpected turn. Following the operation, Noah transforms from a ‘devil’s advocate’ personality to a kind and compassionate man.

Noah struggles with two opposite personalities questioning the roles of the brain, as a carrier of memories, and the heart, as an organ which is usually depicted in emotional terms. The show also raises questions about the organ’s ownership and influence of its donor on the recipient.”

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