3enba, Double Zuksh, Molotof come back with 'City of the Future'

Eslam Omar , Monday 1 Mar 2021

Following a February that was dominated by pop and indie stars, Madinet Al-Mostakbal is on its way to cementing its position at the top of March’s charts.

3enaba in

3enba, Double Zuksh, and Molotof released their new hit single, ‘Madinet Al-Mostakbal’ (City of the Future), on all platforms on Monday, trending in the charts on the first day of the month.

Madinet Al-Mostakbal, which was produced by NOJARA Productions is the product of mainstream pop meeting indie experimentations, inspired by various trap and mahragan best-selling recipes.

“All that comes is mine! I’m coming to you from the future. I’m coming to tell you there is no need, for you to jump around from the beginning!” yells hit maker Mostafa 3enba in the intro of his auto-tuned, slang-Egyptian Madinet Al-Mostakbal on a trap-inspired mahragan pattern of Ayob-zar beats, decorated with synth pads and electronic arpeggiators.

“I’ve chosen the hardest choice. I will go and continue the road,” shouted the hook sung by one of the Double Zuksh duo, featured by 3enba, who launched the music production of Molotof.

“We came to write history.”

The diversity of Egypt represents the potential soft power of the country’s innovators, who are floating on the top of the charts of the biggest music platforms every day.

This potential screams for the attention and guidance of older generations’ viewers and experts.

While Marwan Pablo’s return to a trending beef season heated up viewership of Egyptian trap in a February that was dominated by pop and indie superstars, Madinet Al-Mostakbal is on its way to cementing its position at the top of March’s charts.

Double Zuksh and 3enba have already been at the top of the charts in recent months with their December hit ‘Fokak’ topping February’s charts, competing with the various appealing hits of Amr Diab and Hamza Nimra’s latest albums, in addition to dozens of trending weekly releases.

The fantastic four are among the most active young music makers in Egypt, transcending genres and listeners with continued collaborations with local key players of commercial music scenes during the 20s kick-off era.

“The city is for us, with a proof,” at a location with the great sight of the Giza pyramids as the background, the pride anthem that is Madinet Al-Mostakbal is an epic contemporary folk poem full of up-to-date punch lines echoing the lampoon frenzy fumes in the rap/mahragan scenes in Egypt at winters’ end.

3enaba and his friends are an example of many working-class artists who managed to put themselves in the spotlight during a confusing global pandemic thanks to global and local telecom technologies and businesses.

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