Maher Zain​’s Ramadan Gana among top viewed music videos in Arab countries

Ati Metwaly , Monday 12 Apr 2021

The music video, which was released on You Tube, was shot in Egypt

Maher Zain

Only two days after its release on YouTube, the new music video Ramadan Gana (Ramadan Has Come To Us) by Maher Zain has reached almost two million views, becoming the most trending video in several Arab countries, including Egypt, Jordan, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Ramadan Gana is the first of six songs that are in the Lebanese-born Swedish R&B singer, songwriter and music producer's new EP (mini-album) titled Nour Ala Nour (Light Upon Light).

"Oh, you who are asleep, wake up! And profess your faith in unity of the Everlasting. There is no God but Allah. Have a blessed Ramadan. Our neighbourhood's lanterns are lit, announcing the arrival of a new guest who will fill my heart with joy and will turn our days to a big celebration. Ramadan has come to us," are the song's opening lyrics.

The information provided by Awakening Music, a record label behind the Nour Ala Nour, revealed on its YouTube channel that with Ramadan Gana being the first song from the album, the following music videos will be released every Friday on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

The album includes compositions that carry spiritual themes: Qalbi Sajad, Nour Ala Nour, Hobb Ennabi, Laytaka Maana, and Huwa Ahmadun. It will also offer an additional track, Qalbi Sajad (Extended Version).

The music video was directed by Ahmed Moghazy and shot in Egypt. In a recent radio interview, Zain explained that the Ramadan spirit is very unique in Egypt, with all the lanterns and other traditional decorations adorning cities and villages.

The holy month’s staple song was composed by Mahmoud El-Sherif to the lyrics of Hussein Tantawy. The song was first popularised by Mohamed Abdel-Motalleb on the national radio, before reaching television. Throughout the years, it has been sung by many known Arab singers, including Asala and Sherine.

Egyptian actor and singer Mohamed El-Sharnouby released a music video of Ramadan Gana back in 2018. One of the recent renditions of the song was released by Fabrica, an Egyptian musical theatre company last year.

Zain is among the best known singers of the religion-inspired genre, becoming one of the top followed artists by many listeners in Muslim countries. Many of his songs are in English, though some are intertwined with Arabic lyrics. He has performed many of his best-known songs in other languages.

He wrote on Facebook that his "music mixes the sounds of R&B with traditional spiritual, soul, and contemporary pop music, not just updating spiritual music and inshad, but fearlessly reviving it with contemporary flair. Maher’s songs are instant classics of great power and timeless, unassailably intense spirituality.”

Zain’s major commercial success began in 2009, upon signing a record deal with Awakening Music, a record label specialised in producing and promoting songs that tackle spiritual topics.

He has released three albums, Thank You Allah (2009), Forgive Me (2012), One (2016), in addition to LPs. The multi-award winning singer performs extensively across the world to fully sold-out concerts.

The musician has a large fan base, including 25 million followers on Facebook and 4.8 million on Instagram.

Zain tours extensively with his band that consists of musicians of many nationalities, among them Egyptians.

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan will start in Egypt on Tuesday.

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