Egypt’s streaming platform Watchit reveals content acquisition plan

Eslam Omar , Tuesday 1 Mar 2022

Egypt’s leading production compony United Media Service (UMS) has announced plans for developing their video streaming platform Watchit by focusing on content acquisitions and original production as well as improving usability to promote the service regionally and globally.

United Media Service (UMS) Managing Director Hassan Abdallah presents new plans for Watchit during a press conference held Tuesday in Cairo

“UMS consider Watchit a pillar of its investment plans to create entertainment content and preserve intellectual property rights for Egyptian and Arab films, theatre shows, and TV shows,” UMS Managing Director Hassan Abdallah said during a press conference on Tuesday in Cairo, asserting the company’s domestic, regional and global objectives to present “valuable” content through Watchit.

In addition to applying artificial intelligence in developing the usability of the platform, major development steps have been revealed by the UMS board relating to Watchit’s vision and strategy as well as the billing and subscription process.

“The main objective of the new strategy is to enable the platform to be in the lead globally, offering the biggest Arabic content library in the world and presenting entertainment content with a unique streaming experience for all family members all over the world, while committing to the Egyptian and Arab authenticity and identity,” said Watchit CEO Nashwa Gad, revealing a new interface for Watchit.

With over 50,000 hours of various types of content including film classics and a large catalogue of the state TV archive through decades of production, Watchit – established in 2019 – produces original content and provides a wide variety of new and exclusive content.

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