Ramadan 2022 commercials featuring Egyptian, Arab superstars trend on YouTube

Ati Metwaly , Tuesday 12 Apr 2022

As per Ramadan tradition, many companies have created special ads for the month of Ramadan that are being broadcasted on TV channels; a number of which are trending and have gotten millions of views.

Ramadan commercials


Amr Diab, Tamer Hosny, Sherine, Karim Abdel-Aziz, Yousra, and Nelly Karim are among the numerous stars that have been featured in ads by various companies scrambling in the Ramadan race to promote their services and products.  

Telecom Egypt (WE), Etisalat, Orange, Vodafone, Banque Misr, and Egypt Post’s commercials have been trending on YouTube since their release a day prior to Ramadan (1 April) or on the first day (2 April).

At the time of writing this article, a commercial released by Banque Misr remains the most viewed with over 31 million views on YouTube.

Released on 1 April — just one day prior to Ramadan — the ad features Sherine in the song ‘Ya Maafer’, representing the advertiser’s slogan for this year “Ya Maafer, Kamel Lel Akher” (‘Continue Until the End’).

The song is also one of the most viewed YouTube appearances of the Egyptian superstar.

This year, WE relied on Yasmine Abdel-Aziz and Karim Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz, allowing the Ramadan ad to garner almost 28 million views.

With the music video set within pastel blue and pink colors, the commercial stresses the idea that Ramadan is always a pleasurable time, regardless of the passing of years.

Vodafone Egypt also joined the commercials’ race with a song performed by Amr Diab titled ‘Eli Benna Hayah’ (‘What We Have Between Us is Life’), with the commercial wracking up over 23 million views to date.

Furthermore, Ahmed Ezz and Lebanese star Carmen Bsaibes are the protagonists of this year’s Etisalat Egypt’s ad, which has gotten over 20 million views. The commercial opted for a romantic theme with the song ‘Bahebek Enti’ (‘I Love You’) by Jordanian singer Aziz Maraka.

Brining in 19 million views is Orange Egypt’s latest ad, which stresses on the fact that Ramadan came during the spring this year and featured popular Egyptian actresses Mona Zaki, Nelly Kareem, and Dina El-Sherbiny.

Moving on, Egypt Post’s commercial this year features Amr Diab in a song titled ‘El-Ser’ (‘The Secret’), which the company released on its YouTube channel; however, their meager number of subscribers did not help in the video’s distribution.  

Diab shared the commercial on his own account though, which allowed it to reach 1.7 million views and become the #1 trending music video in Egypt.

Moving on to product commercials, home appliance company Fresh Egypt released an ad featuring Ruby and Mahmoud El-Esseily that brought in almost one million views on Fresh’s YouTube, which has just a bit over 50,000 subscribers.

The ad capitalised on the theme that everything is better when it is Fresh.

Zed’s commercial is the most star-studded this year, with appearances from Nelly Kareem, Yousra, Mais Hamdan, Joelle Mardinian, Huda El-Mufti, Asmaa Galal, Emad Meteb, Ahmed Dash, Tamer Hosny, and Elissa.

As such, with almost six million views, the ad capitalises on the numerous activities that the real estate company offers through their developments — an attractive life filled with sports, music, and cinema.

Last but not least in the list of trending commercials is the one created by the Egyptian Food Bank.

Starring Tamer Hosni, Dorra, Yosra El-Lozy, Eyad Nassar, Huda El-Mufti, and Mohamed Mamdouh, the ad underscores the importance of humanitarian deeds during the month of Ramadan and beyond. The commercial was viewed over 1.7 million times

It is worth noting that Tamer Hosny also stars in a commercial released by EBank.

Posted on the singer’s YouTube channel, the new production reached over 1.2 million views and entered the top 30 most trending music videos in Egypt.

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