Egyptian documentary From Meir, to Meir to be made available on Netflix

Amina Abdel-Halim, Saturday 25 Jun 2022

The Egyptian documentary From Meir, to Meir, directed by Maggie Morgan, will be made available on Netflix starting 7 July.



From Meir, to Meir premiered at the 2021 Aswan International Women’s Film Festival, where it won the award for Best Egyptian Film Supporting Women’s Work. Most recently, the film was awarded the Jury Prize for Best Film at the National Film Festival. 

Shot between 2008 and 2020, From Meir, to Meir follows Morgan’s journey to the titular village of Meir in Assiut, where her grandparents were born and lived up until they left for Alexandria. 

Through a series of interviews as well as the director’s own personal archives, viewers learn about Meir’s exceptional history. The village was once home to various influential individuals, including Dr Benjamin Behman, founder of the Behman Psychiatric Hospital. 

The focus of the documentary, however, is not Meir’s history but the lives, troubles, and traditions of those who still live in the small town, most of whom dream of leaving home in search of better opportunities abroad. 

In its thoughtful account of life in this small Upper Egyptian town, From Meir, to Meir invites its audience to reflect on the erosion of age-old traditions as a result of emigration, questions of belonging and marginalisation, and how remnants of the past continue to shape the present in unexpected ways.

From Meir, to Meir will be available on Netflix starting 7 July.

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