Art Alert: 'Untitled' exhibition to open at Art Talks

Ahram Online, Wednesday 17 Sep 2014

The solo exhibition 'Untitled' by Egyptian artist Moataz Nasr which incorporates Sufism will open at Art Talks on Tuesday 23 September

Untitled by Moatza Nasr
Untitled, 2014. Moataz Nasr. Mixed media on wood. 100 x 100cm. (Photo courtesy: Art Talks)

Out beyond ideas
Of wrongdoing and right doing.
There is a field.
I'll meet you there.

Art Talks exhibition space uses these verses by Jalal ad-Din Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet and Sufi mystic to introduce the solo exhibition 'Untitled' by Egyptian artist Moataz Nasr.

The exhibition – scheduled to open on 23 September – stands at the crossroads between Sufism as spiritual practice and the process of artistic production.

"The spiritual and the worldly come into play, at times forcefully, at others subtly, in his works, to help us search for the alchemy of happiness – alluding to one of the treatises of influential Persian Islamic thinker, Imam Al Ghazali," we read in the Art Talk's statement about the exhibition.

Nasr is an Egyptian self-taught artist, whose first works produced in the 1990s used conventional media as a platform for expression. Having been awarded numerous recognitions, Nasr began incorporating video, performance art and installation into his artistic practices.

Art Talks statement explains that Untitled, which consists of twenty five new paintings, represents a milestone in the artist’s career, "an impassionate desire to return to his native land as an artist and to his artistic roots with abstract painting."

Exhibition opens on Tuesday 23 September at 6pm and will run until 14 October
Art Talks, 
8 Al-Kamel Mohamed Street, Zamalek, Cairo

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