Art for freedom: A call for fair military retrials

Ahram Online, Monday 2 May 2011

A group of artists gathered by the Cairo Atelier yesterday to call for a fair retrial of Amr Eissa's case

Amr Eissa

Artists gathered at the Cairo Atelier Downtown on 1 May to call for the release of Amr Eissa, a visual artist, in the best way they know how: by painting, sketching and graffiti.

Amr's brother, Mostafa Eissa, organised the art event, calling for a fair retrial for his brother and the other detainees.

An exhibition of Eissa’s paintings carry a hidden message that was expressed outright: that it is impossible for such an artist to be a thug.

Artists, children and others calling for his release crouched on the floor to paint pictures, expressing their disdain at the army trials, while El Sheikh Imam's music blasted in the background. Ramy Essam, who is known as the singer of the revolution, also performed at the event.

Amr Eissa, a visual artist, was among the protestors that were taken during the crackdown on 9 March. Eissa was sentenced to three years by a military court, however, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has announced in its communiqué number 30 that it will look into his case, yet no action has been taken.

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