Art Alert: Ahmed Sabry's 5th District at Mashrabia Art Gallery

Ahram Online , Thursday 19 Feb 2015

The exhibition will run between 22 February and 26 March in downtown Cairo

5th District, Ahmed Sabry

Artist Ahmed Sabry will exhibit his collection titled 'Fifth District' at downtown Cairo's Mashrabia Gallery starting from Sunday, 22 February.

Sabry is most notable for combining elements from pop culture and new media, often resulting in mysterious formations.

"The idea [for this exhibition first came to me] while I was working as a painter in a villa in the Fifth District area of New Cairo," Sabry's statement reads. "This experience gave me the chance to notice that the prevailing public taste in the selection of decorations and paintings of Egyptian homes was similar [for] all the social and cultural levels, being mainly the classical landscape and subjects inspired by the classics characterised by a hue of mystery: the logic, the nature of the colors often do not reflect a specific time or place."

Since 2008, Sabry has been working on a project on TV image as a visual and conceptual source. This gave him the chance to explore the relationship between written news, television announcements, and the images in the background, which he re-drafted in drawings.

"Links began to arise between the landscapes in classical paintings and the TV images I had seen," reads his statement. "And I began to build dramatic scenes with characters in a series of mysterious paintings".

Born in 1982, Sabry is a graduate of the Faculty of Art Education at Helwan University.


22 February - 26 March

Mashrabia Gallery, 8 Champollion St, Downtown Cairo

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