Hajj exhibition to be hosted at the British Museum

Dalia Farouq, Thursday 28 Jul 2011

The exhibition, set to open next year, will feature old and new illuminations of the religious practice

The British Museum has announced its intention to host a tribute exhibition of the Islamic Hajj to Makkah al Mukarramah (Mecca the honoured) and al-Madinah al-Munawwarah (Medina the radiant). The exhibition aims to shed light on the Hajj pilgrimage traditions observed by Muslims who perform this religious duty.

The exhibition will feature old and recent images of sacred, Muslim regions as well as manuscripts and paintings reflecting the rituals of Islam by Saudi contemporary artists like Shadia Alem and Ahmed Mater.

In a press conference, British Museum Director Neil McGregor said: “Hajj is a cultural phenomenon one must try to decipher.” McGregor pointed out that the exhibition would narrow gaps between people and would help them realize the importance of the Hajj, which he described as “the majestic spiritual moment” for Muslims.

The museum director said he looked forward to seeing “luxurious and beautiful” works of art, which are to be transported with pilgrims heading to the holy lands to perform the Hajj.

The exhibition is set to begin on 26 January, 2012 until the 15 April of the same year.

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